Business Insider Features Exeter!

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Recently a Business Insider reporter visited PEA and wrote a photo essay about their experience. I was lucky enough to meet with her and talk a little about Exeter at lunch on the day she came. Click on the picture below!

Kevins group photo from Business Insider

Fun fact: Owner of Business Insider is an Exeter alum and used to live in my dorm.



Hey guys,

As you might already know, the annual Exeter/Andover games were last weekend. We have a friendly but intense rivalry with the school with the same name fifty miles to the south, and E/A weekend is always a time for school spirit and bonding, as well as for favorite alumni to return to campus.

When E/A takes place in Andover, Exeter provides buses so that the entire school can come support the teams. There are also tons of traditions associated with E/A – four-year seniors get to wear decorative kilts with school colors, first-year alumni flock back to Exeter in droves to catch up with their friends after their first term of college, and Pep Rally and Pep Assembly the Friday before the games are always memorable occasions. Exeter didn’t fair so well this year, winning in girl’s volleyball, tying a close game in boy’s soccer, and losing a hard fought and well-attended football game by just one point, 13-12, but even in the years when our sports teams don’t do as well as we would hope, the camaraderie fostered by the E/A spirit make sure it’s always a fun time of year. Check me out cheering on the football team last weekend in the picture below - and a special shoutout to head blogger Rachel in the bottom right-hand corner of the picture! I’ll also be uploading some footage of Exeter’s newest club, a blend of fire-dancing, martial arts and gymnastics called Illumninosity and started by my good friend Kenny Berger ’15, so be sure to look out for that.


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Dance At Exeter


There are many ways to continue doing the things you love at Exeter.

Mayas dance pic

One of my passions is dance. Here, there are many opportunities to get involved with all types. If you are interested in Bollywood, ballroom, hip hop, step, jazz, or even hula, there are clubs here that suit those needs. If you are curious about a certain genre of dance and would like to explore it, there are many outlets, via the dance department or the aforementioned student organizations. Before coming to Exeter, I had not done contemporary or ballet since my elementary years. Starting winter term of last year, I decided to get involved in the dance department, and I developed a love for a style I thought I had lost!

Wednesday Nights in the Dorm

Hey Everybody!

People on campus are usually in an excited frenzy at this point in the term– there is only one week left of regular classes, winter feels like it’s around the corner, and students are getting ready to head home for Thanksgiving Break. As the workload dwindles down right before the craziness of finals (when the workload does all but dwindle), I usually like to spend more time relaxing with faculty and student friends. One of my favorite activities from each week occurs on Wednesday nights, when Mr. Chisholm, a biology teacher, is on check-in duty.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 2

Mr. Chisholm does not live in the dorm (he is an affiliate), but each week he spends around four hours here checking students in as they filter into the dorm at night. Usually I have plenty of work, and I can only hang out with Mr. Chisholm and other dorm mates in the faculty lounge for just a few minutes, but on nights when I have relatively little work, I sometimes spend up to three hours talking and laughing with the Wednesday night group.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 3

Topics of discussion range from funny videos we saw online to interesting concepts from genetics–sometimes Mr. Chisholm is hosting review sessions for his AP Bio classes, and so we get to learn a little bit about that too.

Rexs hanging out in dorm 1

All in all, these relaxing moments I spend each week with Mr. Chisholm and friends are some of my best moments at Exeter, and being able to make such close connections with faculty is something that I would have never experienced at a normal day school; for that I am very grateful.

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Election Season

Paiges CLINTONComing to New Hampshire from Pennsylvania, I never thought I would experience culture shock. The states have similar climates and similar cultures. One thing that first shocked me prep fall, and continues to surprise me, is how intense election season is in New Hampshire. This past Tuesday, many states took to the polls to vote for various representatives and governors. While most Phillips Exeter Students can’t vote, those who can, do. Academy students are allowed to vote in New Hampshire elections. For the majority of disenfranchised students interested in politics, Exeter offers many clubs and opportunities: Democratic Club, Republican Club, and Exeter Political Review, among others. 

One of our most active political clubs is Democratic Club, or Dem Club. Although Exeter remains apolitical, the school has many connections to politics. New Hampshire’s Governor Maggie Hassan is the wife of our principal. Many students chose to work with her campaign, and, in the process, are able to attend political events around New Hampshire. Although New Hampshire is a small state, politically, we are very influential in elections. As such, we attract many politicians. Through Dem Club, students had the opportunity to hear both the Clinton’s speak on separate occasions. Regardless of political affiliation, such opportunities are an amazing part of the Exeter experience. In a country where many youth are uninterested in politics, it’s great that here, many students want to learn about policy and make a difference. 

Astronomy Class

Hi everyone!

I can’t believe we’re just a few weeks away from the end of Fall term! Though I’m excited to come home and see my family for Thanksgiving, knowing that I’m going abroad to Taiwan next term and won’t be back on campus until the spring makes it especially bittersweet.

Along with missing my dorm mates and friends, I’m also going to miss the classes I’ve taken this term. Below is a picture of the Grainger Observatory, a place I’ve come to know through taking an Intro to Astronomy course. Although the majority of our astro classes take place around a Harkness table in the main science building, we’ve had several evening classes at the observatory. Just a ten minute walk from my dorm room, the observatory includes three domed observatories and several smaller telescopes, which we’ve used to view star constellations as well as the moon.

photo (11)

ps: Astronomy is just one of the many science electives Exeter offers. We also have classes in marine biology, ornithology, nutrition, animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and genetics. There’s something for everyone!

E/A in a week!

Kevins volleyball team pic

Hey guys! The leaves have stopped changing, and have begun to break off bare tree branches, marking the end of a very busy fall term.

Kevins bench in front of library

Halloween just passed, and we had a wonderful costume contest, hosted by the lovely Student Council. Exeter/Andover games are in just a week, and I’m pumped for the girls varsity volleyball game, since I’m the manager. The girls have had a terrific season so far, making it 11-1, losing only to the defending champions Choate by two points. I’m super proud of them, and I can’t wait for them to beat Andover!

Getting Back in the Rhythm

Hello Everybody!

Although school has already been in session for more than a month, it feels like only a couple of days! It is crazy to think that in a couple of weeks I will already be heading home for Thanksgiving Break (and that snow will soon be blanketing campus).


So far, this term has been nothing but a blast– I am taking two sciences this year, genetics and advanced chemistry, and they are both difficult but extremely interesting, which makes all the long nights studying worth it. My other classes are also going well, and I am just trying to enjoy the last few days of the nice fall weather before the bitter, New Hampshire cold descends upon Exeter.

The colors of the trees are incredible right now, so I love going on long walks or runs during mornings just to take in as much of the New England scenery as possible. In the photos you can see an early morning sunrise over Swasey Park and the Squamscott River, which is a thirty second walk from campus, and also me and my friend Phil walking down a path in town, enjoying the beautiful leaves.


Hopefully this weather holds for just a couple more weeks!