JV Softball

Hey guys!

Recently here in Exeter, we’ve been having some amazing weather which has made playing softball so much better. I play for the JV softball team here at Exeter and I’ve had so much fun with the team so far this season. I was in Prep Program, which is basically a freshman gym class that is much more fun and more intense, during the fall and winter terms, so this is my first team and first competitive sport here at Exeter.

The JV team didn’t make cuts this year, so we have 17 people, which is pretty big for a softball team. The girls on the team are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met and practice is one of my favorite parts of every day. We practice four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and we have games on Wed. and Sat. We also do special workouts twice a week with the strength and conditioning coach, Coach Barboza, and do strength and conditioning or speed training.

The team is super close and it’s so nice to have teammates who are so supportive and really like taking care of each other. On Saturday of last week, one of our catchers brought us all brownies because we won our first game a few days before. We’ve also had brownie-cookie-muffin combos brought to practice to celebrate a birthday as well. We have so many inside jokes and we always try to hang out, even if it’s only some of us which I think just makes us even closer, both on and off the field. This team is so kind to one another and we’re kind of like our own little family which is awesome, especially as we get to cheer each other on throughout the rest of our season.

Ingrid Softball 1

I’m so glad to be playing both for the school and on this team because it’s been one of my favorite experiences so far this year. I highly recommend trying out for a sport here at Exeter, no matter what level you are. There are girls on my team who have played for years and some who had never played until this year and the same goes for other sports teams on campus. There’s something really special about having teammates and it’s something that I think helps make Exeter such an amazing community. Sports teams help mix people from different dorms, countries, grades and helps bring together some really interesting and fun people.

Ingrid Softball 2

Also, the Preps have been playing Elimination (a.k.a. Survivor or Assassin) this week, which has made for some really crazy stories, and a lot of running around campus in a panic. Unfortunately, I was eliminated on day 1 but I think it’s even more fun now to try and save people or help others eliminate their targets.

Courses and Kills

Hey guys! It was a lot of fun hosting some of you at Experience Exeter, and I really can’t wait to see all the new faces on campus next school year!

Now, if you happen to be one of the new students, you’ve probably just turned in your course choices for next year. You probably read through the course booklet religiously, and made decisions for your first fall term classes.

Personally, I turned in my own choices a few days ago. In addition to English (ENG410) and math (MAT431), I’ll be electing Latin (LAT511), Biology (BIO510), and United States History (HIS410). One other thing I’ve been interested in is Genetics (BIO490), and I hope to audit it in the coming fall.

Chances are, you’ll love your classes, but don’t forgot: if you happen to have a change of heart or see some courses that you just have to take, don’t fret tot all with your advisor or Mr. Chan, the scheduler!

On a much lighter note: campus has been full of kids dropping their backpacks and running as far as their legs will carry them. In other words, Exeter’s been playing a lot of Survivor (more commonly known as Assassin). Preps, Lowers, Uppers, and Seniors have been fighting for survival within their grade levels, learning how to stealth around and “betraying” their best friends for kills. I had a lot of fun, getting the most kills on the first day (a full four), but died on the third when a pair of brothers (twins) plotted to kill me.

IMG_2498 copy.png

Upper Declan Saviano is in denial after Sara Michaels kills him

Have a good spring term, and feel free to ask me any questions about my course choices or course selections in general down in the comments or at ahong@exeter.edu!

Exeter’s Response and Spring

Serious news has come out about Exeter these past two weeks about events that occurred in the 1970s and 1980s. As a result, the community has come together to support each other. Dr. Macfarlane, our principal, made a speech about the issue at last week’s assembly. She emphasized that right now is a hard time for many Exonians, past and present. The administration is trying its best to remain transparent and has offered help to anyone in need of it. In our advisory meetings today, which are held once a week, we were urged to discuss what happened and how we felt about it. Everyone felt comfortable speaking about the subject, since we are often challenged to discuss serious topics in our weekly advisee meetings. It was nice to hear everybody’s thoughts.

Along the subject of sexual conduct, all Exeter students recently had the opportunity to watch SLUT: The Play. The head of DRAMAT petitioned the administration in order to bring it here, and it was a success. The play is a heart wrenching story about a girl who is sexually assaulted by her friends. It was put on by a theatre company in New York created by and for teens. The all girl cast portrayed many characters, and the largest chunk of the show consisted of Joey, the victim, relaying her story to a District Attorney. The audience watched as many of Joey’s friends questioned her story and said she had it coming. We saw the horrendous reality that many sexual assault victims face; the fact that even after you come forward with your story,  you have to fight for justice. It made me appreciate the severity with which the school took the victims. The show was amazing and the young actors blew my mind. It ended on a happier note, with another survivor of sexual assault coming forward to thank Joey for speaking out.

The point of the play was to spark conversation around campus, and it did just that. People talked about the subject of the show and other issues that stem from such subject matter. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to watch it.

On a lighter note, IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING! It seems like there’s an eternal frisbee game going on outside the library. I had an amazing spring weekend, and spent most of Saturday on the quad with my friend Elly!

Daisy - 1


Dorm Soccer

Hey guys,

There’s organized sports… and then there’s dorm soccer. When it’s warm out, we have the Hassan Premier League, in which all the boys’ dorms compete for the HPL Cup (an actual trophy by the way).  Every Sunday, we gather on the turf at the Stadium to wage war against rival dorms. This was my first year participating, and it was my first real bonding experience with everyone in the dorm. Initially, it seemed a little daunting to play with our upperclassmen, but after a few games/wins, they formed strong relationships with the new underclassmen.

Conor - Soule Soccer 1

The weekends went by smoothly as we won game after game, decimating every team we faced. Eventually, we stood atop the standings as the number one team in the league heading into the HPL Playoffs. We were able to defeat our sworn rival Abbot Hall (we’re the second oldest dorm on campus and they’re the oldest) handily in the semifinals 3-0, locking us up against Browning House in the HPL Championship.

Conor - Soule soccer 2

We marched as Souldiers (men of Soule Hall) into the Stadium before being slighted 2-1 in a back-and forth game. It was a tough loss, but we were gracious in defeat. No fans, nothing but two dorms clad in their dorm gear. We won together as a dorm, and we lost together as a dorm.

Activities like dorm soccer help to start new students off with an almost instant network of reliable friends. In my experience, I was able to make connections with people outside of the dorm through fellow dorm mates. Whatever dorm you guys have the privilege to live in, remember that these will be your first friends, and your friends throughout your time at Exeter.

The Spring Term A Capella Showcase

Hey guys! It’s been a pretty interesting couple of weeks lately. There’s been snow, and also 70 degree days. Classes are good, and the cycling team has been doing well. Life goes on here at Exeter.

Two weekends ago was the annual spring term a cappella showcase. It started at 8:30, but anyone participating had to show up an hour early. Now, I knew this, and yet somehow I still managed to be running low on time to get to the assembly hall. I had been out for dinner with my friends at a restaurant called the Tavern, which I can say was really, really good. I mean, I didn’t get past the appetizer, grilled tuna – yum! The food didn’t come until around 7:20, so I had to practically inhale my risotto and run back to campus.  Somehow I still managed to get there 5 minutes early.

We had an hour to warm up, and we ended up going to rehearse in the ladies’ room. Bathrooms have great acoustics and this actually isn’t that uncommon. I’m pretty sure we terrified a few people who tried to walk in. We stood there in a semi circle, singing up the scale, and getting ready to go on.

A little while later the show began. Our club head, Megan Smith, mc’d the whole event and did a great job!!!). We had researched some a cappella puns as a group, and it was super fun watching it all come together. The first of the groups to go up was Fermatas, and one of my best friends had a solo! I cheered for her as loudly as I possible could, and she was amazing. The next group was the only co-ed a capella group on campus, and they were, of course, fantastic. Then was another all girl group, and they rocked a slowed down version of “Crazy in Love” by Beyonce.

Then it was our turn. My knees were shaking as we approached the stage. In the first song, I had a solo, and I was getting more and more nervous by the minute. once the applause for Sans Hommes, an all female a cappella group, died down, we went up and started our first song. Suddenly, I was at the mic, but as soon as I opened my mouth to sing, my terror went away. I just focused on enjoying the music and having fun. The first song went really well.

Emmy - a capella


(Here we are, looking super professional. I’m the one in the white dress, looking short, hidden by a mic.)

The second song was “Some Nights” by fun. We tried to get the energy up, and a few of us ended up laughing really hard. The song actually ended up coming to a stop because we were laughing so hard – on stage! It was so funny I was almost crying. We still managed to finish the song, and the audience clapped and laughed with us.

It was a really great night.

Emmy - laughing

(Here we all are again, cracking up)

Beat the Smurfs! (round 1)

Hi all,

So yes, it’s that lovely time again when all I do is spend parts of my day in the volleyball courts… only this time, as a manager. On April 13, the boys volleyball team played against our undefeated rival school in a 3 set match at the Love Gym. This was the third game of the season, as the boys had already traveled to NMH, and played against Dover High School and Choate, defeating all three schools in three short sets. As a team, Coach Shang has been training the new players to work cohesively with the returners. We have had some amazing hits and passes that have hit the other team’s floor untouched. Hoping to keep the undefeated streak and defend their title of “NEPSAC Champion” (like the girls’ back-to-back win), the boys have been working hard to play an aggressive and strategic offense as much as they can.


This year, the boys will play ten games throughout their entire season, the next two weeks hosted at our home court. Also, at the end of the season, the NEPSAC Championship game will be hosted at Exeter and the team will do everything to be on court, playing at their home – hopefully, for another win. You can find the game dates and times on the website : http://www.exeter.edu/athletics/185_18358.aspx so make sure to come out and support the volleyball team (as well as all the other teams), and stop by to watch some killer serves and hits by our outstanding front row players, and amazing passes from the back row players! I promise you won’t regret coming to stand on the benches holding up a finger for the final point.

Click on the that precedes events for game highlights. DATE: TIME: OPPONENT: LOCATION: SCORE: 04/02/16: 1:00: Northfield Mount Hermon School : Away


See you there!


First Exeter Night Talkshow

Hey guys! The weather here has been pretty odd lately – 70s and then snowing.  Last week was packed with fun events like Experience Exeter, WPEA (Phillips Exeter’s radio station), volleyball, and my film club. Experience Exeter was awesome. I hosted a guy named John from Texas, just like me. It was great; I got to show him around and we had a good time. It was nice seeing all the prospective students wondering around campus, getting a feel for Exeter. It’s and exciting time for WPEA as well. The radio station here has gone live again for another term of Rampant Radio. I’ve been working on recording promos for the show hosts. Making a little blurb to promote each host’s show.

Ori - WPEA

The volleyball team has also been on a roll – we are currently undefeated. I’ve been working on my hitting, while the team is trucking forward. We have a game against Andover this Wednesday – exciting! My film club has started to work on a project called “Red.” It’s a BuzzFeed-esque video segment for Exonians. Lastly, I believe I’ve become the first night talk show host here at Exeter. “The Weekly Knight Night Show with Matisse” seems to be a hit with my peers here at Exeter. “Knight” refers to the name of the house I live in. A pretty random and odd idea I came up with a few weeks ago has now blossomed into a fun, weekly commitment.



Busy, busy, busy here at Exeter. Can’t help it though, I love what I do. Everyone can find their niche here at Exeter, and I have found many.

How to Survive as a Southerner at Exeter

I assume you’ve read the title by now, and if you’re not a southerner you probably won’t catch any of these references. However, please feel free to continue reading for a dose of southern culture and a tale of the great people of Phillips Exeter Academy. If you are a southerner, pull up your overalls, toss on your straw hat, and pack some Jambalaya, because I’m about to tell you all about being a student from below the Mason-Dixon.
When you first get to campus, everyone will have thousands of questions. If you’re from one of the states way down south, like Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, or Louisiana, there will be even more questions. Some will be out of genuine curiosity, and some will be in an attempt to be funny.
Example A:
“Do you eat alligator?”


My dad grilled a whole alligator over the summer. (We don’t actually do this but my dad is a chef and he wanted to try it.)


Example B:

“Have you ever been to the swamp?”


Trip down the bayou. (We don’t actually do this either. This was my first time.)


Everyone will tell you how much they love your accent but sadly, too much time around northerners will make it fade away. When you go home for break it will come back with vengeance. Don’t try to hide it. It makes you special. Only a select few say “y’all.” Grits aren’t served with every breakfast. (I learned that one from experience.) The food will never taste spicy enough. (Just keep a secret stash of hot sauce and spices in your room.) AVOID ANYTHING LABELED “CAJUN” OR “CREOLE.” It will only disappoint. No one says “I made ___ on a test,” which I found quite strange. Today, I asked someone to make me a glass of milk was told that no one says “make me a glass of ___” either. Weirdos. They are going to butcher the pronunciation of words, but give them time. “Beignets,” “Andouille,” and “Etouffee” don’t roll of the tongue at first. You are going to butcher the pronunciation of words. All of the names of towns and streets were made to trick you. Remember this. Apple cider donuts might seem strange at first but PLEASE TRY THEM. Go apple picking because you can’t do that at home. The winters are going to be cold. Really, really cold. You will make it through just don’t think about the fact that its 80 degrees at your house. Eat the chowder and the lobster and watch a Red Sox game. Red Sox fans are crazy. Patriots fans are crazier. Celtics fans are crazy too. So are the Bruins fans. Catching a trend? All jokes aside, the people up here are great, especially in the Exeter community. They understand you feel like you’re in a foreign land where everyone pronounces their “A’s” strangely, and they’ll do anything they can to make you comfortable. For example, over the winter, my dorm head went above and beyond to plan a Mardi Gras themed party. Everyone in the dorm got to enjoy a little taste of my home.

Mardi Gras

All the girls of my advisor group.

You will find other people like you. It may seem like there is not a single student at the school who knows what you’re talking about, but there are. The people up here have weird accents and they really like sports, but they are amazing. Before you know it, this place will be your home.

See y’all later,