Residential Life in Cilley Hall

I live in Cilley Hall, clearly the best dorm on campus. Each dorm has a rival dorm and ours is Wentworth Hall, but there’s not much competition. Some of the best things about Cilley include C-ball, impromptu Halo nights, and the people. C-ball is a sport created by the young men in Cilley Hall that involves the benches by the front door and some kind of ball. It’s similar to volleyball but there are additional rules. There are two players per team and the boundaries are very questionable so you can win points if you argue hard enough. I learned how to play fall term and honestly, it doesn’t even matter if you win or lose because you become tighter with the brothers you live with. Next are impromptu Halo nights (called “sticks”) which have been a part the Cilley culture for quite a bit. I started playing winter term and I was terrible but with enough positive and negative reinforcement from upper class men  I gradually became better. The reward for winning is extreme bragging rights, so games can get really intense. Finally, the individual people in Cilley are amazing. They are always there for you and have been through what you have been through so they can always relate to you and give you great advice. We talk about anything: girls, guys, school, arts, music, life. I love my homies in Cilley.

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About Kevin

Hey applicants! My name is Kevin Zhen and my hometown is Miami, FL. I’m a four year senior living in Cilley Hall. Back home, I have a sister, two great parents, and a golden retriever back home named Cooper. Since I came to Exeter, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a variety of clubs and activities. Currently, I am the President of the Senior Class and the head of two different clubs (ITXC, Exeter's breakdance club, a history club that competes in an annual national competition), as well as the Humor Editor of the Exonian, the school newspaper. In my free time, I also enjoy playing piano and am planning to perform a one-hour senior recital in the spring of this year. I love exploring town and playing C-ball (a sport that combines volleyball with tennis and soccer that only my dorm plays) with my boys. Hometown: Miami, Florida Class: 2016 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Las O Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite subject: English