The Term Draws to a Close…

It feels like yesterday that I was seeing all my friends for the first time since the New Year (we swapped winter break stories in my dorm room over delivery from Penang, one of the Chinese restaurants in town), but it’s already time to turn around and head home again!

With just a few days left before the end of the term, the campus is abuzz with spring sports tryouts and pre-Finals jitters. Of course, a bit of nervousness regarding Test Week, the three days before the term’s end when each class is allotted one block to administer a final exam, is inevitable. However, many students would agree with me that test week is not nearly as stressful or scary as it’s made out to be. Many teachers choose to give their final test or assignment prior to test week, leaving most with just one or two subjects per day. As crazy as it may sound, I’ve found, in my first five terms at Exeter, these last three day’s of the term to be some of the most fun and relaxing!

How are you guys planning to spend your Spring break? As for me, I’ll be drinking lots of milkshakes at home after having my wisdom teeth pulled….

To all the newly admitted (or soon to be newly admitted) Exonians, congratulations! Now that the stress of applying and crossing your fingers is over, the question left is “Is Exeter the right place for me?” Many of you have already been on campus for a tour and interview, or maybe you’ve come to visit a sibling, but the best way to get a feel for the school is by spending a full school day in the life of an Exeter student. I hope you’ll all come in for Experience Exeter in the spring, when you’ll be paired with a current student and go to their classes, eat at d-hall, and hang out with their friends. It was at Experience Exeter, after eating a snack in Grill with my host and sitting in the Prep section at assembly, that I become convinced PEA was the right place for me. Not to mention, it’s a great opportunity for your parents to learn more about the school; my mom was blown away by the math class she sat in on!

I can’t wait to see you guys then, and in the mean time, I’m really excited to share more with you about my Exeter experience through this blog!


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Hometown: Akron, OH Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: D2 Java Favorite Assembly: Opening Assembly Favorite Spot on Campus: couches on the third floor of the library- it's a perfect place to get work done and has an awesome view of the academy building Favorite D-Hall Dessert: Exeter Bars of course! Although birthday cake and ice cream is a close second... Hey everyone! My name’s Rachel, and I’m 4-year senior at Exeter. I’m from Akron, Ohio, but currently live with thirty three other girls and three faculty families in Amen Hall (the best dorm on campus!). Like most students at Exeter, I arrived my Prep Fall with no idea of what I wanted to "be" when I grew up, and in the past three years I've developed interests in places I never knew I would, such as in playing the piano, creative writing, and Chinese language studies. Besides just within the dorm, I’ve found other homes at Exeter, in ESSO (Exeter Social Service Organization) clubs such as Active Minds and Tutoring for Children, and in the admissions office giving tours. Through Exeter I've had several off-campus opportunities as well, including trips to Silicon Valley and China, and this winter will participate in an Exeter trimester abroad program in Taiwan! I hope you guys can learn a little more about me and the other bloggers and about what it's like here, from a current student’s perspective, through our blog entries. And, of course, we hope to meet you on campus one day! Go Big Red!