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Sorry for posting so late (technically early). The dance concert was tonight (the picture above is of me from dress rehearsal Wednesday), and my mom came up to Exeter to watch it. She took me out to dinner afterwards, and I have been hyped up on the excitement of the successful performance.

The dance concert is one of the multiple events happening this weekend. Exeter plans activities that the students can do on the weekends to ensure that our only option isn’t to sit in our dorms all day. The boys’ varsity basketball team had their tournament game today (they won, too!), and there was a poetry reading for students to share their originals. Tomorrow is the last performance for the dance company, and there is a hip-hop concert and movie playing in the student center. Every Saturday, there is a bus to the mall and movies, and to Stop & Shop and on Wednesday, there is a bus to Walmart.

In addition to the planned events the school marks on their calendars, many clubs meet on the weekends and weekdays as well. At the beginning of the year, there is a club night, where students can check out all of the clubs and sign up. I signed up to audition for three of the acappella groups on campus, the piano ensemble, fashion design club, and basically all of the dance clubs. There were too many clubs to choose from, so I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to commit to. I joined about five clubs, but the meetings started overlapping and I had to start picking which ones I really wanted to do. In the end, I stuck to ITXC (break dancing club), piano ensemble, and HFCC dance (it’s an ESSO club where I go and teach little kids how to dance).

One of the biggest club “titles” is ESSO (Exeter Social Service Organization). ESSO incorporates all community service groups, whether it be teaching kids how to ice skate, to doing activities with disabled adults. ESSO gives back to the Exeter community outside of PEA, and many students are involved in the 80+ clubs ESSO includes. The other types of clubs students can join are dance, music, science, Model UN, the Daniel Webster debate team, mock trial, fashion design, and many many more. However, if a student can’t find a certain club that includes an important hobby of his/hers, he/she can start his/her own! One of my friends recently started “Hula Club” and they performed in dance assembly last week.

As you can see, there are always things to do. So no need to worry about the unknown weekends at boarding school!

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About Kimberly

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Green Bean Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite Event: Abbot Casino Hi, my name’s Kimberly and I was a new lower at Phillips Exeter Academy. Now, I am a senior. I was adopted from China when I was eighteen months old, and I currently live in Beverly, Massachusetts. I am a boarder here on campus, and I live in McConnell Hall. For sports, I am on the varsity field hockey team (Moxie), and participate in the dance program. I was co-captain of the winter dance company this past term. I am a co-head of Precision, the all girls step team, ESSO Music Lessons, where students can teach children musical instruments, and HFCC Dance, where students go to the children's center and teach dance. I also participate in Exeter Poms, which is a dance team that performs at half time for football and basketball games. Lastly, I am a student listener, dorm proctor, and tour guide for admissions.