What a Week!

Wow! It’s been one fast paced week but it’s finally done! Now I can at least take a breath, hang out, and rest up before finals start on Monday. It’s funny but it seems like the busiest or hardest weeks here at Exeter are the ones that go the fastest. I think that definitely holds true for this week. I’ve been all over the place with cycling tryouts, music lessons, and classes that are wrapping up. On Monday I handed in my mini 332, a short periodicals history research paper. I wrote about how the Great Depression affected farmers. It was a pretty interesting topic since I got to talk about the human effects rather than the economics of the depression and I chose farmers because of my Mountain School roots! On Tuesday night I proctored the church for evening prayer (EP, as we call it here) and that went really well. I just started proctoring the church this term but I’m really enjoying it and I’m going to keep doing it next term. On Wednesday I had a half day so I got a jump on my post lab questions for my biology elective and yesterday I finished them.

Before an indoor ride

Before an indoor ride

The bio class I’m in right now is really cool. It’s called human population and resource consumption and we spent the term discussing different environmental issues and how humans are shaping the planet. We talked about population demographics, human consumption, urban planning, GMO’s, farming, and so much more this term! The final project is regarding paper usage on campus so my partners and I are trying to work to reduce paper use on campus. It’s hard but it feels good to be doing something that might have lasting effects on campus.

That brings us to today. I got to bike outside today for the second time this term which felt really good. I’ve been biking in place all winter and I’m sick of it! Unfortunately it was kind of cold and getting dark so we didn’t bike for very long but every time I get outside I get more and more excited for the upcoming season. Tonight I’m going to try to hang out with some friends of mine. All of my day student friends and I got our driver’s licenses this summer so we’ve been able to go to places like Newington or Portsmouth to get some dinner or see a movie. After that I might try to go to bed early. After a long week like this one, you can be pretty tired but it’s a kind of fatigue that feels good. The ache in my legs tells me that I’ve worked hard on the bike and the sense of relief that comes on a Friday afternoon tells me that I’ve been working hard in the classroom.



Something I learned today: Despite U.S citizens’ reluctance to enter WWII before Pearl Harbor, President Roosevelt met with Winston Churchill several times to coordinate strategy in assumption that America would eventually enter the war.