Hey there, CONGRATULATIONS ON GETTING INTO EXETER! The fun is just beginning.

Though I regret that I won’t get to see any of you actually attending Exeter, I’ll look forward to meeting you at Experience Exeter.

Anyway, I’ll leave you guys to celebrate. You’ve got a big decision to make  now. 🙂

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About Tian

Hi, I'm Tian, a Korean born in China living in Australia going to school in America. That's always fun to say. At Exeter, when not stressing about work, I can usually be found chilling with my dorm, or pining after some kind of food. As a head tour guide, dorm proctor, clarinet player and exonian, among other things, I hope you find plenty to love about Exeter too. Hometown: Sydney, NSW, Australia Class: 2013 Favourite Restaurant in Town: Pad Thai or Green Bean Favourite Assembly: Faculty Follies! Favourite Books I've Read at Exeter: The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried