Hi Reader!

I’d like to join all my fellow bloggers in congratulating you in your acceptance to Exeter! I remember all the things going through my head after my acceptance so I’ll try not to trouble you with much more.

But I guess if I could have been told one thing before I came to Exeter, it would have been this: You DESERVE to be admitted to Exeter. For a very long time, long after my first day of Prep fall, I still doubted that statement. So whether or not you decide to come to PEA (I hope you do), I hope you know right now that you deserve to be here.

I think that’s probably all the advice you’ll get from me for now. I’m almost positive you’re getting more then enough from everyone else!

As far as my day went, I don’t think I enjoyed the same excitement that you might have today. Instead, I woke up at 6:20 and went to Exeter High School to go fill in a bunch of bubbles. That’s right, today was SAT day for me! As far as really long tests go, this one went pretty well. It certainly wasn’t fun, but we all have to do it and now that it’s done I can fully enjoy my spring break! Tomorrow I’m headed off to Colorado to look at a couple schools but fortunately that’s not all I’ll be doing. My mom and I have plans to do some hiking, see some friends, and go to the original Chipotle. I’m pretty excited.

Take it easy,


Something I learned today: I can fill out bubbles for about two and a half hours before I start to lose it.