Back at it

Well we’re back into the swing of things here at Exeter. Classes only started on Thursday the 21’st but that seems like a long time ago right now.

My classes have all started up and, so far, I like them all. Upper Spring is the time when students write their infamous history paper, the 333 (named after the class you write it in, History 333). I start the process of writing it on Monday and the paper wouldn’t be bad at all except it’s acquired a legendary status here at Exeter. I’ve known about it since prep year and its reputation makes it far more stressful than it really is! Hopefully I’ll be able to hunker down and right it without too much stress. The trick will be to stick to the time table and not procrastinate.

In other news, biking is going well. We have a lot of new kids on the team and they’re all figuring out the ins and outs of cycling really well and it’s been a lot of fun to get to know them. A lot of my teammates (and my coach) have discovered this iPhone app called “Strava” which uses GPS to track you on your bike ride and it will tell you your speed, your mileage, and so many other statistics that you didn’t know you needed till you had them. It also allows you to “follow” other cyclists, like you would with Twitter, and even send them messages. The result: all of my team mates are trash talking one another and trying to beat each other’s Strava records. It’s pretty cool but it’s starting to be a big distraction!

Take it easy,


P.S Newly admitted students: I’m looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can during Experience Exeter!

Something I learned today: I’m starting to understand logarithms better!