Boston Trip

So this Saturday was the maiden voyage of Exeter’s bus to Boston. I decided to go at the very last minute. Literally. 3:10pm on Friday afternoon I was ready to face another typical weekend on campus. 20 minutes later I was scrambling to get my adviser to sign my out-of-town, calling my mum at 6am in the morning (her time) to get in parental permission (I didn’t notice it was 6am, sorry mum), and then running back to the deans office so they could approve my out of town before I had class and they closed for the week. It really was a last minute decision.

After all that scrambling, I’d like to say that I accomplished a great deal in Boston, the first time I’d set foot in a city in a few weeks, but I spend the entire afternoon and evening…just eating. So we left at 2:30, got there a little before 4, and then I went to Chinatown, ate dimsum, when to three chinese bakeries, got egg tart, got takeout, caught the T to Cambridge, had bubble tea, went to a Korean barbecue, then caught the bus back to Exeter at 9:30. 5 and a half hours, and all I did was eat. And I regret nothing.

These buses to Boston are a new thing at Exeter, and there’s going to be two more trips, I believe, before the end of the term. It only costs $10 both ways, much cheaper than catching the Amtrak. Personally, I think they’re a very nice addition to weekend activities, and here’s to hoping they stick around. Thanks to Stuco for making it possible.

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Hi, I'm Tian, a Korean born in China living in Australia going to school in America. That's always fun to say. At Exeter, when not stressing about work, I can usually be found chilling with my dorm, or pining after some kind of food. As a head tour guide, dorm proctor, clarinet player and exonian, among other things, I hope you find plenty to love about Exeter too. Hometown: Sydney, NSW, Australia Class: 2013 Favourite Restaurant in Town: Pad Thai or Green Bean Favourite Assembly: Faculty Follies! Favourite Books I've Read at Exeter: The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried