My Prep Experience

Hey guys! It feels good to be writing to you guys again and it was also great to see so many of you come to our Experience Exeter Program this week. I want to give a shoutout to Michael Zhao who was my awesome shadow and who I had a chill time hanging out with too.

When I came last year to Experience Exeter, it was the first time on campus for me and I had already committed before I came. My host was a lower from Cilley and after that day with him, I knew that Exeter was for sure where I needed to be. But little did I know what kinds of experiences would follow afterwards. What I’ve experienced and learned here can’t really be described in pages or even words for that matter, but is something you have to just be here to obtain. Right now, I don’t want to talk about the countless amazing people I’ve met, or the spectacular teachers both in and out of the classroom, but rather the way that Exeter has positively changed me. 

My first day of fall term I was nervous and a bit scared because of the big campus and the other students who I knew were probably all better than me in some way. Fall term was actually very tough. In my opinion, it’s a time where all new kids away from home are discovering things they never knew about themselves and realizing what kind of person they want to be. However, gradually, I formed a group of friends I could trust and found that these other students were not my competitors but my supporters. Personally, I didn’t find too many friends fall term but there were definitely a few key friends who were there for me, which was enough.

Then, winter term came, and the cold weather swept New England. In a way, I felt that the freezing season actually brought me closer with the people I already knew and helped me meet new friends as well since we were always indoors. During winter term, I really settled into my dorm and got to know my dormmates as not just those guys that live with me, but really brothers who I can talk and chill with. I talked to them often because coming from Florida, the weather was a big change and I had trouble with classes too, but it awed me when my brothers even put my needs before theirs.

Finally, spring term arrived. We went home for spring break and when we came back, it was still cold and there was still snow on the ground. It was kind of a disappointment, but now, the weather is much better and you can actually see a blue sky and sun, which is a nice change. Fortunately for me, I made Varsity B tennis and I love the team I play with. My classes are fantastic and I’m taking my first history course: Medieval History which is super interesting. Even my extracurriculars, breakdance and debate club have gotten better because I improved so much. Now, more than ever, I’m enjoying Exeter.

I’m not saying that your experiences will be like mine, or that you will even enjoy Exeter. But this is what has happened to me this year, and I love it. It’s just one story, but when you are deciding what high school you want to graduate from, remember that maybe, this could be you.

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About Kevin

Hey applicants! My name is Kevin Zhen and my hometown is Miami, FL. I’m a four year senior living in Cilley Hall. Back home, I have a sister, two great parents, and a golden retriever back home named Cooper. Since I came to Exeter, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a variety of clubs and activities. Currently, I am the President of the Senior Class and the head of two different clubs (ITXC, Exeter's breakdance club, a history club that competes in an annual national competition), as well as the Humor Editor of the Exonian, the school newspaper. In my free time, I also enjoy playing piano and am planning to perform a one-hour senior recital in the spring of this year. I love exploring town and playing C-ball (a sport that combines volleyball with tennis and soccer that only my dorm plays) with my boys. Hometown: Miami, Florida Class: 2016 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Las O Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite subject: English