Spring is Here!

Hey guys,

It was awesome seeing so many of you last week at Experience Exeter (despite the way longer than usual lines at D-hall)! I hope coming to visit gave you all a sense of what it’s like to be an Exonian, and helped you come to a decision that feels right for you and your families, whatever that may be.

Experience Exeter is just one of the events that kicked off the start of spring; The first few weekends back were packed with fun activities, including…

Speed Dating- I’m not sure how many people actually took this event seriously (not many Exonians are out looking for the one!) but everyone had fun on their ‘mini dates,’ joking around with friends and meeting other students for the first time. Of course, discussion prompts were provided, such as the ever-important question, “Do you prefer chunky or smooth (peanut butter)?”

Wheelright White-Out- Hosted by Wheelright, a girl’s dorm on the north side of campus, White-Out is an informal dance held annually in the spring. The dorm has a huge common room with cool black and white checker tiled floors, but the huge turnout of white-clad students just barely managed to pack into the space.

Exeter Association of Rock (EAR) Concert- When everyone’s focused on collecting research for a big history paper, finishing enough of their English reading to get a few good discussion points in, or trying to get to bed at a reasonable hour the night before a five-class day, it’s easy to forget how much talent surrounds us. The EAR concert, which was held last Friday evening in Agora, gave Exonians a chance to perform for their peers, singing and playing music of their choice. It’s always fun to support friends and classmates doing what they love; Friday’s concert was no exception, and had a great turnout!

These are just a few of the events we’ve had so far this term, and as more exciting things happen on campus (Teas and Blockparty will be here before we know it… but more about that later) I’ll be sure to post.

I hope you all are having a great start to spring; The weather’s finally heating up- could the snow finally be gone for good (fingers crossed!)?

Thanks for reading!


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Hometown: Akron, OH Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: D2 Java Favorite Assembly: Opening Assembly Favorite Spot on Campus: couches on the third floor of the library- it's a perfect place to get work done and has an awesome view of the academy building Favorite D-Hall Dessert: Exeter Bars of course! Although birthday cake and ice cream is a close second... Hey everyone! My name’s Rachel, and I’m 4-year senior at Exeter. I’m from Akron, Ohio, but currently live with thirty three other girls and three faculty families in Amen Hall (the best dorm on campus!). Like most students at Exeter, I arrived my Prep Fall with no idea of what I wanted to "be" when I grew up, and in the past three years I've developed interests in places I never knew I would, such as in playing the piano, creative writing, and Chinese language studies. Besides just within the dorm, I’ve found other homes at Exeter, in ESSO (Exeter Social Service Organization) clubs such as Active Minds and Tutoring for Children, and in the admissions office giving tours. Through Exeter I've had several off-campus opportunities as well, including trips to Silicon Valley and China, and this winter will participate in an Exeter trimester abroad program in Taiwan! I hope you guys can learn a little more about me and the other bloggers and about what it's like here, from a current student’s perspective, through our blog entries. And, of course, we hope to meet you on campus one day! Go Big Red!