Course Selection

For all new and returning Exonians, course selections starts tomorrow.  In my experience, many people have rough plans for their entire Exeter Experience.  One of my favorite aspects of the academics here is how broad our requirements are.  You have quotas to fill in every subject, but the only courses most people are required to take are English, Health, US History, Math, and Bio, at least for four year students.  As a four year student, I am most familiar with the requirement for four year students.

For newly admitted students, I wouldn’t worry so much about the courses you take your prep year.  There is a decent amount of flexibility to switch throughout the year itself.  Different people have different strategies on how to take courses prep year.  Some students want to satisfy their three terms of nonUS history that year.  I would advocate to take three different “electives” as a prep.  One term of history, one term of religion, and one term of art are great choices for a prep.  The courses will introduce you to three different departments on campus while satisfying requirements.  It is a win-win.  If you enjoy a particular course, you can take more from that department the next school year, sometimes exceeding your requirements.  You cannot go wrong with taking different courses from the art, religion, history, and computer science departments.  When it comes to sports, preps typically take three terms of Junior Physical Education, commonly refereed to as Spaz, unless they make a sports team.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t play on a team your prep year.  Many kids take three terms of Spaz and find a sport they like during that time, then play on the team the following year.

Exeter sports are fairly flexible, and often take players who have never played the sport before as long as they are fit and interested in learning how to play.  Some sports, such as crew, have many kids who have never done the sport before.  Other sports, such as lacrosse, have many kids with previous experience.  Other students are more interested in music and theater and can do that as a sports options.  Good luck to everyone in selecting courses!  You can’t go wrong and can always switch classes at a later date.



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My name is Paige. I’m a Four-Year Senior at Exeter. I’m a boarder from the City of Champions, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was born into a family that cherishes their ancestry and how it can continue to impact you and strange and unexpected ways. I developed an immense appreciation for the connections between culture, language, and religion. In the way children often do, I set a goal: to learn German. I stuck with it, not knowing how that would lead me to attend an amazing language immersion camp in middle school, a camp I am still involved with to this day. I decided after that first summer I was interested in a boarding school. Some family friends said I should look into Exeter, for both its student body diversity and in its academic diversity. I applied and love the diversity of both classes and people here. Although I finished my German studies last Spring, I have taken up Russian. This summer, I had the chance to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia through Exeter and hope to pursue Russian in Exeter. Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Class of 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Green Bean Favorite Assembly: Pep Assembly Favorite D-Hall: Wetherell Favorite D-Hall Food: Matzo Granola