Atop the Bell Tower

The bell tower on top of the academy building can be seen from most places on campus, and every day you can hear it chiming away. Years ago as a prep I made a promise to myself that I was going climb up that tower before I graduated. And today I got to do just that!

It’s been a tradition for a while now that the head tour guides will go up the tower together at the end of the year. I actually didn’t know about it until a few weeks ago, so that was a very pleasant surprise. Campus safety was kind enough to take us up, and the view was pretty sweet. Here is me climbing up the ladder…

Tian RooftopAnd here are the head tour guides atop the Bell Tower with Mrs. Waleryszak, our admissions visitor coordinator and friend to all.

Belltower group

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Hi, I'm Tian, a Korean born in China living in Australia going to school in America. That's always fun to say. At Exeter, when not stressing about work, I can usually be found chilling with my dorm, or pining after some kind of food. As a head tour guide, dorm proctor, clarinet player and exonian, among other things, I hope you find plenty to love about Exeter too. Hometown: Sydney, NSW, Australia Class: 2013 Favourite Restaurant in Town: Pad Thai or Green Bean Favourite Assembly: Faculty Follies! Favourite Books I've Read at Exeter: The Great Gatsby, The Things They Carried