Not bad, for a school trip!

Hey readers!

I’m currently writing from a dorm room at the University of Hawaii, where I’m staying during a school sponsored trip to Oahu! I’m here with two of my classmates and one teacher and we are representing PEA at the student global leadership institute (SGLI), which is hosted by the Punahou school, a school in Honolulu that’s actually President Obama’s alma mater.

Along with seventy eight other students from across the globe, I’m spending two weeks in Honolulu investigating and researching food and how it’s accessed across the world. It’s an interesting topic and, this coming fall, each school group will begin work on a year long project related to community service and food.

But the trip hasn’t been all work and no play. We’ve gotten to go to the beach and we’ll be doing some hikes as well. As a New Hampshire boy, it was a little weird walking into an ocean that didn’t give you goosebumps. The water is really warm here and I had a lot of fun body surfing and swimming through waves yesterday. 

And, maybe best of all, the entire trip is covered for, so all my parents have to pay for is the air travel. This trip has been a ton of fun so far and I’m grateful that I get to go to a school that encourages me and helps me travel in order to learn, expand my horizons, and have fun. 

I’m definitely have some people to thank when I get back.


Something I learned today: Genetically modified organisms (GMO’s) saved the Hawaiian papaya industry from destruction when a virus spread throughout the state’s papaya trees.