Summer Break 2013- Make the Best of It!

Hello scholars!

Most students would agree with me when I say that summer break is the best of all! Though we all love Exeter, it is kind of nice to break away from the scene every once in a while. I particularly love it, because I have the time to do many programs out of state that I am unable to do during the school year. Now, my summer schedule is packed with extracurriculars. I will be doing everything from Spanish emersion programs, to Journalism workshops, to law programs, and several shadows of professionals in each industry.

Today was the last day of my Journalism workshop at the renown Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University that spanned over four days. Here, I learned about writing newspapers, different columns, blogging, broadcasting, broadcasting, and more! I definitely learned  a lot and my print news writing skills have improved tremendously.

Here, I also made some amazing connections! I really suggest that though tempting, you don’t spend your summers wasting away and just sleeping. Get out there and try to improve your skills there are many programs out there. You can apply during the summer, or even earlier during spring term. Earlier is better, especially if you are looking for financial aid.  I will keep you all up to date with my summer achievements!

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About maya2016

Hi! My name is Maya and I am an Upper at Phillips Exeter Academy (GO BIG RED!!). I am from Auburn Hills, Michigan. I have two older siblings and one younger brother (who also attends boarding school). I am dancer and singer, and involved in dance and music groups on campus. Some quick facts: Hometown: Auburn Hills, Michigan Class: 2016 Favorite Restaurant in town: I love Pizza places, like Dominos, however I'm going to have to go with Mexico Lindo! Favorite Assembly: PEP ASSEMBLY!!! We learn E/A cheers and everyone is just so energized and the vibe is amazing! Favorite Study Place: Surprisingly, the music building. It's never crowded. Favorite Dining Hall Dessert: The birthday celebration cake they have every month. Though always different flavors, they are always tasty. Favorite Snack: Bananas and Strawberries