Academy Life Day

Advisee Group at the Corn Maze on Academy Life Day

Advisee Group at the Corn Maze on Academy Life Day

Once a year, usually earlier in the fall, the entire campus takes a Monday off to meet each other, integrate, and bond, called Academy Life Day. Typically, boarding students hold group activities as a dorm (often including food) and day students travel in advisory groups. This year, several day student advisory groups decided to go together to a corn maze in Lee, NH. The day is always a lot of fun, as well as a great opportunity for upperclassmen and returning students to meet and get to know lower classmen and new students. Accompanying myself were the four other upper day student guys that have been in my advisee group for the last couple years, our dedicated adviser (who also happens to be the head of this blog) Mrs. Daley, and two new prep day student boys. It was interesting to get to know them and listen to their take on Exeter from a fresh perspective, as well as to give them some advice about their futures here. After the corn maze, we all went out for pizza at Flatbread’s Pizzeria in Portsmouth, NH, probably the best pizza place within 30 miles of Exeter. Tomorrow is back to school and work, but it was definitely nice to have a day off with just the advisory group.



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Hometown: North Hampton, NH Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in town: Las Olas is classic, but you should probably check out The Tavern too. Favorite Assembly: Exeter Association of Rock Favorite Cartoon Character as a kid: Timmy Turner from the Fairly Odd Parents Hey guys! My name is Zach, and I'm a four year senior at PEA. For nearly 8 years, I've lived about 15 minutes away from campus in the neighboring town of North Hampton. Along with about a fifth of the school (some 200 kids), I'm a day student here. I moved to the area the summer before 4th grade, and on the way into town, before I had even seen my new house, we happened to drive through campus. At the time I knew nothing about the school, but that didn't stop me from declaring that this was the high school that I would go to. 8 years later, I'm still happy I made that decision. Here at Exeter, I spend time acting, playing guitar, and rowing, a sport which I had never thought about participating in until I got to campus. I also take Spanish, and I am cohead of the Improv club, Muslim Students Association, and board member of Dramat, the school Drama club, on campus. I hope I can give you guys a good idea of how unique a place Exeter really is.