Parents’ Weekend

Hi All,

I just got back from Parents’ weekend. This is a really fun weekend when your parents come to classes on Friday and Saturday, and if you’re on a sports team, they get to watch your game too.

My mom came up and so did my aunt. They followed me around to class, and they had other things that they could go to as well. For example, my mom went to the meeting for parents if their child is interested in traveling abroad (I am, I want to go to China next winter), she went to the college counseling office, and she had a meeting with my adviser. On Saturday, I had a home field hockey game against Northfield Mount Hermon, and we won! The final score was 3-1. Afterwards, I finally got to go home.

I had been getting a cold, so it was really nice to go home and sleep all hours. I didn’t exactly do anything interesting except sleep, get some things I needed for school, and do homework. Although it doesn’t sound exciting, parents’ weekend is great because I get a three day weekend (we had Monday off), and I get to go off campus. I missed my room too. It was a great break from school. Especially with midterm grades coming out tomorrow, and I have to take the PSATs on Saturday. Although I’m stressed, Upper year has been pretty swell. To keep with my consistent 11:30pm bedtime, I will wish you all a goodnight. Talk to you soon!


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About Kimberly

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Green Bean Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite Event: Abbot Casino Hi, my name’s Kimberly and I was a new lower at Phillips Exeter Academy. Now, I am a senior. I was adopted from China when I was eighteen months old, and I currently live in Beverly, Massachusetts. I am a boarder here on campus, and I live in McConnell Hall. For sports, I am on the varsity field hockey team (Moxie), and participate in the dance program. I was co-captain of the winter dance company this past term. I am a co-head of Precision, the all girls step team, ESSO Music Lessons, where students can teach children musical instruments, and HFCC Dance, where students go to the children's center and teach dance. I also participate in Exeter Poms, which is a dance team that performs at half time for football and basketball games. Lastly, I am a student listener, dorm proctor, and tour guide for admissions.