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Kim #4Congratulations on your acceptance to Exeter! Give yourself a pat on the back, this is a great accomplishment. You should be so proud of yourself. It’s hard to believe I was in this position two years ago.

I remember that morning so vividly. I was asleep, and I didn’t want to wake up to see my acceptances/rejections. My mom came in, and she tapped me on the shoulder. I squinted my eyes open, opening just enough  so I could see her silhouette. She had an ambiguous expression on her face and she said, “I got an email this morning. It was from Exeter.” Internally I thought, Great, my first rejection of the day. I had previously applied out to boarding schools in 8th grade, and unfortunately things hadn’t worked out. Exeter had rejected me then, so I figured what changed this year. I hadn’t planned on being accepted by Exeter from the beginning. In general, I was pretty pessimistic about applying again.

After I grunted “Oh” my mom burst into a smile and said, “You got in!!!” For some reason, I wasn’t as enthralled as I thought I would be. I just said, “Yay” apathetically. “We don’t know about financial aid yet, but hopefully it works out.” When my mom said this, it reminded me why I wasn’t that excited. If Exeter didn’t give me enough financial aid to attend, I would probably be attending Beverly’s public high school. However, when I got my acceptance package in the mail, my mom saw that Exeter gave me enough financial aid to attend the school. That was the major factor in my decision to go to the school. I’m not going to lie, Exeter was not my top school and I didn’t really want to go. But I think things happen for a reason, and I can’t imagine myself at any other school. The friends I’ve made are the best, and I don’t know what I would do without them. It’s hard to think I might not have met them if I hadn’t gone. To me, the wonderful experience I’ve had at Exeter is all due to the people. From my advisor to my teachers to my friends, they all care about me. My friends and I look out for each other, and it’s a camaraderie I don’t think I will find anywhere else.

I hope you decide to come to Experience Exeter day, it’s a great chance to really get to experience the school. You can read my post, you can read the website, but you won’t really understand the school until you witness it yourself. For some advice about what to wear, and what the day is like, see my previous post: https://phillipsexeteradmissions.wordpress.com/2013/04/02/experience-exeter/

Hope to see you all soon!


Kim #3

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About Kimberly

Hometown: Beverly, Massachusetts Class: 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Green Bean Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite Event: Abbot Casino Hi, my name’s Kimberly and I was a new lower at Phillips Exeter Academy. Now, I am a senior. I was adopted from China when I was eighteen months old, and I currently live in Beverly, Massachusetts. I am a boarder here on campus, and I live in McConnell Hall. For sports, I am on the varsity field hockey team (Moxie), and participate in the dance program. I was co-captain of the winter dance company this past term. I am a co-head of Precision, the all girls step team, ESSO Music Lessons, where students can teach children musical instruments, and HFCC Dance, where students go to the children's center and teach dance. I also participate in Exeter Poms, which is a dance team that performs at half time for football and basketball games. Lastly, I am a student listener, dorm proctor, and tour guide for admissions.