Spring Training

Florida 2014 Pic 3Hey Guys! Over spring break, the boy’s varsity lacrosse team went down to Florida to train together before the season started. With three practices and possibly a game each day, we worked our tails off and really improved as both individuals and as a group. Our whole team bonded and grew closer; we were able to figure out each others’ styles of play, which led to a better overall team dynamic. But all of this focus on lacrosse didn’t mean we didn’t have time for a little bit of fun. On the second to last night, because of bad weather, we all went for a run on the beach and then a swim in the ocean. Coach Glennon (not in the shot) even jumped in with us!

Afterward, we roasted marshmallows that Coach Rawson went out and got us. It was a great time, and I can’t wait to really get our season started. Florida 2014 Pic 1Until next time. Peace out, and GO BIG RED!

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Hi guys! My name is Morgan. I am a returning Upper here at Exeter, and I am from Shrewsbury, New Jersey. I debate and play lacrosse, and my favorite thing about Exeter is its students. I love that my friends are from across the globe, and that everyone I meet here at Exeter is just as interested and excited by school I. My favorite class so far is Computer Science, and my favorite restaurant in town is Penang, hands down. Twice a week we have assemblies, and the best one this year, was when a scientist from NASA came and spoke to us about the rovers on Mars. Qualities like these are what make Exeter such a special place. I look forward to hearing from you guys, and answering any questions you might have.