Spring Break Reminiscing

Rex mtn climbHey everybody!

Although the snow has melted from campus and we reached a balmy 80 degrees this Monday, my mind is still wandering back to spring break, when I went ice climbing with my dad in the bitter cold of Colorado.

My father and I have both always been interested in mountaineering and various adventure, so when I found out about ice climbing, we decided that we had to go. The sport involves using ice axes and crampons (little spikes you fasten to your boots) to climb up waterfalls, spanning hundreds of feet, that have frozen in place. The activity is truly exhilarating, and for three days my father, myself, and a guide spent hours in the gorge of Ouray, Colorado, a small town near Telluride.

The actual climbing was extremely strenuous, leaving my limbs sore for multiple days, and it even became scary at times. Although we were top-roped (where a rope attached to a harness hangs from above), the line had a stretch, so when you fell, you fell about fifteen feet. I even pierced my calf with a crampon spike after dropping, and although it was painful, it just added to the excitement.

At the end of the day, the trip allowed my father and I to relax and forget everything about work or school. Now that I am back at Exeter, I am more focused on school work, tennis, and hanging out with friends, but that does not stop me from getting to the gym every day to train for a future trip!



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