Model UN at Exeter

Hey guys! I’m Serena and this is my first post as a big red blogger! First, congrats to the newly admitted students and welcome class of 2018! I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time here!

Last Sunday, I went to the INQUIRY conference at Tufts university with my friends in Current Events and International Relations club. We discussed the upcoming elections in Iraq in many different aspects, such as resources and media. There were 8 committees in total, and each person from our school represented the Dawa party in a different committee. I was in the Elections committee half the time and the Media for the other half. We went there on Friday and finished on Saturday night, and it was really fun! I not only became much closer with other people in my club, but I also got to know people from other schools!

A week before the INQUIRY conference, I went to EAGLEMUNC, which is a Model UN conference hosted by Boston College. This one was for three days, from friday afternoon to sunday. My committee was World Health Organization, and we talked about avian flu and health barriers. Outside of the conference, we had SO much fun together! The conference was at a hotel in downtown Boston, so we went to the Prudential and Newbury St. so many times! 3 consecutive days of Model UN conference could have been stressful, but I had so much fun because of my friends who went with me!

This weekend, I will be attending a day – long conference at Bedford High School. My friends and I are all so excited to go! There are so many things you can do in Exeter and it’s even better when you do it with friends who are as passionate as you are!

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About serenaymcho

Hey Guys! My name is Serena and I am an upper in Langdell Hall! I was born in Seoul, Korea but my family moved to Weston, MA a few years ago. My favorite thing about Exeter is the opportunities it offers for you to be your best self. Not only are you encouraged to take your previous commitments and passions to another level, Exeter also helps you step out of your comfort zone by exploring something new! One way Exeter does this is by offering fun, challenging classes in diverse topics. Some of the most interesting classes I've taken are Art and the State, Advanced Physics, and Faith and Doubt. Outside of classes, I'm involved in a lot of clubs and activities. I'm on the girls varsity squash team in winter term. I love everyone on my team and this past season has really helped me to get better as an athlete and also as a teammate! I also really love going to Current Events and International Relations club, Model UN, ESSO, the Council for Equity and Social Justice, and Philosophy club! My last two years at Exeter has been amazing and I'm looking to make the best out of my last two years, too! Hometown: Weston, MA Class: 2017 Favorite restaurant in town: Station 19 Favorite assembly: MLK Day Assembly Favorite subjects: history, physics