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One of both the happiest and saddest events of the year: commencement.  Weather permitting, our graduation is held outside on the lawn in front of the Academy building with a luncheon afterwards.  This Sunday, 318 members of the class of 2014 graced the stage to receive their diplomas.  For me and a little under 200 other seniors, those diplomas had been four years in the making!  As you can see, the tradition is to smoke cigars after grad, I can’t say most of us enjoyed them though!

It still seems completely surreal to be the girl in a white dress rather than the underclassman watching from the audience.  I have made such incredible friends here, and I can hardly believe that the first stages of our time together are coming to a close.  With everyone scattering across the globe for summer break and school in the fall, we all took the beautiful sunny day to cherish our last moments together as a whole class.  Only now, a few days out, am I starting to fully realize that the dorms I will be sleeping in Hanover in come September will not be the dorms I have spent so many nights in.  All good things must come to the end, thank you for the lessons and the memories!

Signing out!  Elle

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About Elle at Phillips Exeter

My name is Elle, and I am a senior day student at Phillips Exeter and have been here since my prep (9th grade) year. I grew up in the near-by town of Rye Beach, New Hampshire and went to a small public middle school there. Once I came to Exeter, I came to love the Harkness style of teaching, especially in math and the sciences. Although I am at here mostly for academics (athletics were never my strong suit!) I’m involved in a variety of activities other than putting my nose to the books. I really love the outdoors and try to spend as much time as I can hiking, kayaking, or just exploring the wilderness over breaks. As a day student, I am able to continue horseback riding from my middle school days, but I’ve found several new activities that I love too! I picked up squash my prep year and played on the varsity team this year, it is such a fun sport! I also really enjoy attending Economics Club, Investment Club, Republican Club, and Biology Club. I live at home with my mother, father, sister (a lower at Exeter this year), and my Bernese Mountain Dog, Fischer. A few pieces of trivia about me- my favorite restaurant in town would have to Green Bean, their soup is so good! My favorite assembly at Exeter would have to be pep assembly because it's great when the whole school unites against the smurfs (Andover). I’ve found a home away from home here at Exeter, though, and hope you love it as much as I do!