E/A in a week!

Kevins volleyball team pic

Hey guys! The leaves have stopped changing, and have begun to break off bare tree branches, marking the end of a very busy fall term.

Kevins bench in front of library

Halloween just passed, and we had a wonderful costume contest, hosted by the lovely Student Council. Exeter/Andover games are in just a week, and I’m pumped for the girls varsity volleyball game, since I’m the manager. The girls have had a terrific season so far, making it 11-1, losing only to the defending champions Choate by two points. I’m super proud of them, and I can’t wait for them to beat Andover!

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About Kevin

Hey applicants! My name is Kevin Zhen and my hometown is Miami, FL. I’m a four year senior living in Cilley Hall. Back home, I have a sister, two great parents, and a golden retriever back home named Cooper. Since I came to Exeter, I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a variety of clubs and activities. Currently, I am the President of the Senior Class and the head of two different clubs (ITXC, Exeter's breakdance club, a history club that competes in an annual national competition), as well as the Humor Editor of the Exonian, the school newspaper. In my free time, I also enjoy playing piano and am planning to perform a one-hour senior recital in the spring of this year. I love exploring town and playing C-ball (a sport that combines volleyball with tennis and soccer that only my dorm plays) with my boys. Hometown: Miami, Florida Class: 2016 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Las O Favorite Assembly: Dance Assembly Favorite subject: English