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Hi everyone!

I can’t believe we’re just a few weeks away from the end of Fall term! Though I’m excited to come home and see my family for Thanksgiving, knowing that I’m going abroad to Taiwan next term and won’t be back on campus until the spring makes it especially bittersweet.

Along with missing my dorm mates and friends, I’m also going to miss the classes I’ve taken this term. Below is a picture of the Grainger Observatory, a place I’ve come to know through taking an Intro to Astronomy course. Although the majority of our astro classes take place around a Harkness table in the main science building, we’ve had several evening classes at the observatory. Just a ten minute walk from my dorm room, the observatory includes three domed observatories and several smaller telescopes, which we’ve used to view star constellations as well as the moon.

photo (11)

ps: Astronomy is just one of the many science electives Exeter offers. We also have classes in marine biology, ornithology, nutrition, animal behavior, ecology, evolution, and genetics. There’s something for everyone!

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