Happy Holidays!

Hey Everyone!

I hope all of you are having a very relaxing holiday vacation! Applications are due soon; something that can be both stressful and exciting. No matter what holiday you and your families celebrate, I hope you got some time to spend  with friends and family.

This Christmas, my family and I traveled to Vermont to visit my uncle and his family. They recently sold their home in Boston, and retired up north to run their very own farm. We got to spend time visiting with them as well as having fun on their property. I stepped way outside my comfort zone, and played around with ATV’s and even a tractor! As a girl living in Suburbia, this was definitely a new and exciting experience.

Jenn's ATV pic

After a fun-filled day, we all had a great dinner and talked for hours. Living away at Exeter, I do not get to see some of my family as much as I would like. The older I’ve gotten, the more I’ve realized the importance of spending time with family, and that the holidays are not about receiving but giving and making and sharing memories. I definitely will never forget this special weekend- I mean, when will I ever drive a tractor again in my life!

Once again, I know that these two weeks before apps are due can be super stressful. However, one of the best feelings is putting that package in the mail, or clicking the “submit” button. Each one of you put so much work and dedication into these applications! Congrats! The first step of the application process is almost over, and you are one step closer to being an Exonian!

Happy Holidays!