Greetings from Germany

Hallo aus Deutschland!

front door of an old town hall

One of my favorite things about Exeter are the opportunities for immersive, global learning experiences.  One of the requirements for Exeter students is to take a foreign language through the third year level.  While some stop after that point, many, like myself, continue.  What lures many of us to continue to the fourth year level and above are the many abroad opportunities where you can experience the language, and its culture, first-hand.

stained glass window telling the history of Göttingen

I’m writing this post from my room in Göttingen, Germany.  From my desk, I can see woods, the crazy-environmentally friendly German houses, and, to my excitement, no snow.  I’ve been in Germany for two weeks, and I’m loving my time here.  I’m attending classes at a local high school and understanding much more than I thought.  But my experience isn’t confined to the classroom.  Thanks to my delightful host-family, I’ve already been to two castles, an old-medieval city, and watched many German-movies.  I’ve experienced the cliche café culture and the efficiency of Deutsche Bahn, the local train system.

view of a local village while hiking

The next seven weeks in Germany are even more promising.  Between my host-family and through Exeter, there are trips planned to Weimar, Berlin, and skiing in the Austrian Alps.

When I wake-up, I’m grateful to be here, living in a (less-gruesome) German-fairytale. I’m thankful that Exeter gives their students opportunities like this, to live abroad and put their classroom-knowledge of a language into action.  Besides giving me a deeper understanding of German culture, being abroad has allowed me to begin reflecting on my Exeter experience and made me more excited for senior spring.

Walking around the ruins of a castle

As the Germans say–tschüßi!


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About Paige

My name is Paige. I’m a Four-Year Senior at Exeter. I’m a boarder from the City of Champions, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I was born into a family that cherishes their ancestry and how it can continue to impact you and strange and unexpected ways. I developed an immense appreciation for the connections between culture, language, and religion. In the way children often do, I set a goal: to learn German. I stuck with it, not knowing how that would lead me to attend an amazing language immersion camp in middle school, a camp I am still involved with to this day. I decided after that first summer I was interested in a boarding school. Some family friends said I should look into Exeter, for both its student body diversity and in its academic diversity. I applied and love the diversity of both classes and people here. Although I finished my German studies last Spring, I have taken up Russian. This summer, I had the chance to travel to St. Petersburg, Russia through Exeter and hope to pursue Russian in Exeter. Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Class of 2015 Favorite Restaurant in Town: Green Bean Favorite Assembly: Pep Assembly Favorite D-Hall: Wetherell Favorite D-Hall Food: Matzo Granola