Exoplanets, RC Planes, and Manhunt

Hey Guys!

It’s been a cold winter — but that won’t make any of us slow down! Exeter has been as busy as ever.


For Astronomy Class, we’ve been analyzing 246 different stars through the Kepler I Mission to see how many of those stars have habitable exoplanets such as our own Earth. Kepler, a space-based telescope launched in 2009, has found 4200+ exoplanets to date. We are analyzing periodicity graphs to learn of the different ways the luminosity of stars can vary, either by intrinsic forces or by a planet transiting across our field of view. Here’s a photo of Killian ’16 and Mr. Blackwell helping us analyze our data.

analyzing dataMy team and I have been hard at work building this RC Plane — we intend to finish by the end of this term and fly it by Spring when it stops snowing! We’ve just finished the fuselage and are now working on the motors for propulsion and the servos for constructing our control surfaces. Thanks to Owen ’16 and Megan ’16 for their hard work!

RC plane

Yesterday’s assembly was also great — we had professors from Stanford come over to teach us about design. They emphasized that a hollistic approach to every discipline IS the process of design, that there are aesthetics in everything we choose to do. They are wonderful, prominent architects, who had established a Stanford-Exeter summer study program last year and who intend to participate with our school this coming summer for another architectural/design venture with current students. Here’s a  picture of John Barton ’78 and Amy Larimer, who came to our school yesterday.

Stanford professors

To end a wonderful week, our dorm decided to play manhunt in the gym this past weekend. 60 people were split into two teams,one of which was allowed to hide anywhere in the gym and the other to chase and bring them back to a designated “jail”. Our dorm had lots of fun — here’s a picture of our entire dorm together!

manhunt group

There is so much to do, and so much more to accomplish in the following weeks. What has always amazed me is that, no matter the weather, Exonians never slow down in what they do. Whether it be sports, or clubs, or school in general, we are always on our feet. Here’s to a winter filled with fun and work, in light of Spring Break to come!

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