Superbowl – Amen Style


As most of you all know, Superbowl was this past Sunday. This means two things, food and football. Before I came to Exeter, the only football lingo I knew were “quarterback” and  “touchdown”. I am pleased to say that that clearly changed this past weekend.

We were thoroughly prepared with snacks, ranging from pizza to guacamole to fresh strawberries, thanks to our lovely proctor, Margaret. It was an enormous feast, for lack of a better word. The fourth floor common room was our rendezvous location, and at 6:30 pm sharp the good spots were filled up and bowls of chips were passed around. Apologies for not taking pictures during our bonding time, but here’s a pre-superbowl picture.

I hadn’t realised how big of a deal football was here, until I experienced it myself. I must say, the debate on whether or not Katy Perry lip synced during the halftime show got pretty heated in the common room, however was nothing compared to when the Pats won.

I am cutting this post short, because I think that the image pretty much sums our party up. Don’t mind the antics.

Catch you guys later!!