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SpiritI don’t want this to be another cliché post about how I chose my school because of the community. In fact, every school is a community, no matter what kind of community it may be. But what really distinguishes Exeter is what makes up this special – warm, inspiring, diverse, and vibrant – community. At Exeter, you take the unlimited opportunities it offers to be your best self; whoever that may be, and whatever that may take. And that is why I chose Exeter; the opportunity it offers to try to be my best self.

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Meet the squash team. As you can probably tell from the photo, we are the most fun-loving, tight-knit, and hilarious team at Exeter. I started playing squash long before I came to Exeter. My coaches, Ms. Carbonell, Coach Shang, and Freddie has helped me improve so much over the past two seasons. My fellow teammates, from Elle and Anisha (who were seniors last year) to Alison and Meghana who are on the novice team this year, have helped me become a better teammate.

Exeter has taught me that squash is not just an individual sport. All my teammates, no matter which place they are at on the ladder, cheer me on and motivate me to give my 100% on every single practice and match. When it’s a two-all match score, ten-eleven match point situation, when my opponent and I are both panting hysterically, I play every single shot with my best effort for my team. Additionally, I’ve learned that every game is 99% mental. My coaches have taught me how truly believing in myself can help me in the matches. My mental game has improved dramatically since I came to Exeter. Exeter has taken my squash game to another level, by making me become a better player and a teammate.

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These are my best friends – Alison, Jaden, Leila, and Meghana. Our friendship is the best gift Exeter has given me. This sounds awfully cliché, but I wouldn’t be at the same place as I am now if it weren’t for these four. They are the ones who cheer me on through tough days and who genuinely congratulate me when I achieve something. We support and inspire each other to challenge ourselves and to step out of our comfort zones. We have tried things that we never would have even pictured ourselves to do without others. Jaden and I go to her ceramics studio almost everyday during our F free and I paint her bowls while jamming on the Spotify Disney playlist. Meghana made me try Indian food, and it has become my entire family’s favorite cuisine. I have persuaded Jaden to give school tours and we give tours to prospective students together on icy, cold winter days. Leila has introduced me to so many of her friends who I would have never met without her. It was so fun when we all got her a giant hedgehog, filled her room with pink and purple balloons, and threw her a surprise party on her birthday! Meghana and Alison didn’t know what squash was before they came here, but I got them to try out and now they are my most supportive and hardworking teammates! Last fall, Alison and I went bridge jumping together and I was quite scared to jump when I realized how far away the bridge was from the river. But of course, Alison persuaded me to jump off and when we went at the same time, holding hands.


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And lastly, this is the Exeter delegation at EAGLEMUNC last year. Model UN is my stepping stone for achieving my dream of becoming a social justice worker. My passion is to help change people’s lives, and humanitarianism and service will be integral to whatever path I choose in life. At Exeter, I have had the opportunity to attend the most challenging conferences and work with the most talented delegates. I’ve learned so much from the older, more-advanced members of our club and I want to share what I’ve learned with the new novice delegates. My Model UN experience would have been impossible at any place other than Exeter.

Running in the surf

I hope you can get small glimpses of my life at Exeter from this article. I also hope that I have sufficiently answered the initial question, why I chose Exeter. Exeter has allowed me to continue the activities that I’d previous done at another level, and it has also offered me opportunities to try something new. Remember; Exeter has filled my life with clubs and sports that I am truly passionate for, but I am just one of many of students who attend here. Everyone’s experience is different, and everyone’s activities, clubs, academics, sports, and just how they spend time in general – is different. And Exeter is willing, more than happy, to accommodate and provide all these diverse activities for everyone. With the unlimited opportunities, support, and help from Exeter, you can really craft your life here in whichever way you want. This is why I chose Exeter, and it is also why you should choose Exeter, too.

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About serenaymcho

Hey Guys! My name is Serena and I am an upper in Langdell Hall! I was born in Seoul, Korea but my family moved to Weston, MA a few years ago. My favorite thing about Exeter is the opportunities it offers for you to be your best self. Not only are you encouraged to take your previous commitments and passions to another level, Exeter also helps you step out of your comfort zone by exploring something new! One way Exeter does this is by offering fun, challenging classes in diverse topics. Some of the most interesting classes I've taken are Art and the State, Advanced Physics, and Faith and Doubt. Outside of classes, I'm involved in a lot of clubs and activities. I'm on the girls varsity squash team in winter term. I love everyone on my team and this past season has really helped me to get better as an athlete and also as a teammate! I also really love going to Current Events and International Relations club, Model UN, ESSO, the Council for Equity and Social Justice, and Philosophy club! My last two years at Exeter has been amazing and I'm looking to make the best out of my last two years, too! Hometown: Weston, MA Class: 2017 Favorite restaurant in town: Station 19 Favorite assembly: MLK Day Assembly Favorite subjects: history, physics