Working at Stanford, Traveling, and Getting Ready for Senior Year

Hey everyone!

The last few months have been a whirlwind of activity. While summer flew by, it was an amazing time.

It started out with a low-budget trip around Europe with my best friend, who graduated in June. We did tons of hiking, exploring, and unwinding, and it was a spectacular ten days. Then, after one day of recuperation at home, I was off to Palo Alto, California for six weeks of work at Stanford.

I was working in Dr. Seung Kim’s  ’81 lab in Developmental Biology at the Stanford Medical School. The internship was possible because of the work I did in the Bio 470 course at Exeter, which I wrote about earlier. In any case, Ethan, another senior, and I, moved to a house in California to live and cook on our own and work in a world class lab. Our main tasks were dissecting, staining, and imaging different fly lines, but we also got to attend lab meetings, hear thesis defenses, listen in on talks from renown scientists, and discuss numerous scientific papers with our main mentor, Lutz Kockel. It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life, but I won’t write too much about it here because Ethan and I actually kept a blog about our time there,

You can read my two latest posts, summing up the six weeks in Palo Alto: and

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After Stanford, I spent a month with my family relaxing, working out, and preparing essays for college applications! It’s scary, but exciting.

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Although we have only been at Exeter a couple weeks, it seems everybody is already in the swing of things. My senior year so far has been so busy, but so fun. I am taking US History, which is already so interesting, first year Greek (which is quite difficult), Calculus, and Journalism. Possibly the coolest course I am taking this year is Latin 611, which is basically just me, a friend, and a teacher. My friend, Henry, and I have finished the core curriculum for Latin at Exeter, so now we are reading whatever we want! We chose a Roman comedy by Plautus called the Menaechmi. It is about two twins, separated at birth, and both named Menaechmi. Let’s just say, it gets quite confusing, but it is also quite hilarious.

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