Exeter vs. Choate After the New England Championships

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I’m so excited to start off the year with an exciting post of the volleyball team’s first home game of the season against Choate. Arguably, one of the most crucial dates of the season. This year, Exeter hosted the big game against our New England Championship rival on October 3. The team was fired up before the big day, and we were determined to have a successful win. The day before, the family of one of our players– the Epler’s– was generous enough to host the whole team for a delicious dinner and an amazingly fun pumpkin carving contest.

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Exactly a year ago, Exeter traveled three hours to Choate’s campus for a double header against Choate and the Ethel Walker School, where we won one but lost to Choate in five games. We faced them again in November 2014 for the New England Championships title and won in three games on our home court! We knew this game was going to be the most challenging one of the season, as they were our only loss last year, and that’s mainly why we were so hyped for the Saturday game. Image 3

We knew beforehand that they had graduated two middles from last year’s team, but we were prepared to see some new faces on the court. The game had a great turnout of students and faculties on one side outnumbering the parents who came to support Choate’s players. In the first game, we were behind 7-15 (eight points below) but were able to surpass them with our consistent serves and our defensive passing. The next two matches were lead by Exeter, ending the game in three sets. We had some amazing plays and solo hits by our front row players. The team did outstandingly well and we are all definitely optimistic for the rest of the season, and hopefully, defend our Championship title.

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Make sure to watch out for our home games and support the Girls Varsity Volleyball team!

Have a great fall season and first term back on campus!


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