Club Night 2015!

Walking in was like jumping into the ocean. Immediately greeted by many hellos, and requests to join certain clubs put a huge smile on my face. The entire feel of the event was lively, and not one person was having a bad time. Everywhere I looked, a new exciting club to join stuck out, one in particular called out, “Wow, you have the shoulders of a breakdancer, join our breakdancing club!” Just being a part of this spirited event made me feel special. Being a prep on campus isn’t the easiest thing to do. Figuring things out every day, and learning new things even when you think you have it down is tough, but the camaraderie and the bond between even strangers during events like club night really impressed me, and made me feel amazing. I ended up signed up for seven clubs, which seemed to me like a lot, but there were just too many good clubs to join. Being back in my room I was still filled to the brim with happiness, remembering all the happy faces and friendly people I had met, and being excited to see them at the first gathering. Before going, I was convinced Club Night was going to be quite lame, with only a few clubs and dreary eyed seniors looking disinterested in whether new kids were going to join or not, but I was completely wrong. Not only were there at least fifty clubs, each one reached out to every new person with equal amounts of kindness. My original intentions were to sign up for one, maybe two clubs, but that is impossible, and I might have to drop a few because of time issues, but that won’t stop me from enjoying my club experience, and especially my Club Night experience, which I hope to make just as special next year for more new kids. Club Night is not an event to miss, and I 100% believe that the clubs will make me grow as a person, and help me reach my full potential. Whether you only go for a bit or the entire time, Club Night is like E/A game day, it’s a must see.