End of Fall Term

Hey guys!

I hope you are having a great end of fall. The last couple weeks have been too busy, filled with history research paper, physics labs, and homework. I’ve been having a great time in classes and outside of classes though, working hard and learning a lot while also spending time with friends.

November pic

This photo is from Big Red Carnival, the first Saturday of fall term since we got back after summer. I can’t believe fall term’s almost coming to a close!

I wanted to tell you about a cool lab we did for physics class. This year, I am taking an advanced course after a year of physics prep year. Everyone in my class is so dedicated and smart, and they’re all so fun to hang out with, too! The class is definitely hard and challenging, but it’s totally worth it!

The goal of this lab was to set metal rings at the right location and height for the ball to fly through when the ball is shot in a projectile. Here is the video of the result if you’re interested:

I won’t talk too much about my physic experiments here because I actually keep a blog about them here: https://serenacho.wordpress.com

Until next time,


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About serenaymcho

Hey Guys! My name is Serena and I am an upper in Langdell Hall! I was born in Seoul, Korea but my family moved to Weston, MA a few years ago. My favorite thing about Exeter is the opportunities it offers for you to be your best self. Not only are you encouraged to take your previous commitments and passions to another level, Exeter also helps you step out of your comfort zone by exploring something new! One way Exeter does this is by offering fun, challenging classes in diverse topics. Some of the most interesting classes I've taken are Art and the State, Advanced Physics, and Faith and Doubt. Outside of classes, I'm involved in a lot of clubs and activities. I'm on the girls varsity squash team in winter term. I love everyone on my team and this past season has really helped me to get better as an athlete and also as a teammate! I also really love going to Current Events and International Relations club, Model UN, ESSO, the Council for Equity and Social Justice, and Philosophy club! My last two years at Exeter has been amazing and I'm looking to make the best out of my last two years, too! Hometown: Weston, MA Class: 2017 Favorite restaurant in town: Station 19 Favorite assembly: MLK Day Assembly Favorite subjects: history, physics