E/A Pep Rally

Hey guys,

It’s the day before Exeter and Andover come head to head in all fall sports at HOME! All the teams are hyped to play some outstanding games against the Smurfs tomorrow, so tonight we had our annual bonfire near the softball fields where chairs and crates were lit up by the Red Bandits. Immediately following, the big Fall Pep Rally was held at the Football Stadium from 7:00-8:00.


During the actual Pep Rally, multiple dance groups came out and performed their choreography that they have been practicing this term. Abs performed an amazing belly dance to Shakira, and Imani’s fierce hip hop routine shook the crowds. Our cheerleading team, POMS, had a beautiful ending, and Lionettes showed off their flexible bodies with the many splits they enacted. All the teams individually came out to the field and presented speeches and performances to announce the time and location of the games.


I am so excited to see our school’s spirit shine in our home territory, and am ready to continue our outstanding season. The girl’s varsity volleyball team has made it to playoffs once again, so this game is essential for our championship games. For other teams, this may be their last game, but we all want to end our season with a final kick. Let’s GO BIG RED!

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