NEPSAC Champions!

Hey guys,

We did it! After winning EA against Andover, the GV Volleyball team moved on to the Quarter-Finals, where we faced-off against Miss Porter’s at the Love Gym. Winning in three sets, our next competitor was yet again, Andover, for the Semi-finals. During this “EA 2.0” game, we were able to win in three sets. The next day was championships… against Loomis Chaffee, however, we were traveling to their home court for the NEPSAC Class A championship title.

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Before finals week began, we were determined to consume all our energy on this one game, the game that would defend our 2014 Champion title. On the three hour bus ride to Loomis, every player pepped each other up, listening to music and going over strategy. Immediately when we stepped foot into the gym, we were ready to go. Warmup was meticulously focused and everyone played their best that day. In the first set, we were down nine points but our consistent serving, passing, and hitting brought us back up and in the lead, resulting in a three set win and our much deserved Championship! Our aggressiveness, determination, and positivity gave us the ultimate push to the end. I could not have asked for a better way to end the season.

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Thanksgiving break marked the end of an amazing team and season, and it’s sad that I won’t be able to spend twelve plus hours training with fifteen amazing girls. Yet, we had one more gathering to come together and celebrate our outstanding season (17W- 1L) and final win. The Russ family was generous enough to host the team dinner this past Tuesday, where we took our final pictures, received our hilarious superlatives (awarded by the captains), and enjoyed ourselves one last time. These group of girls have been one of the closest teams I have ever been a part of, and I thank them all for allowing me to experience how supportive and close-knit a team should be.

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So here’s to the end of a phenomenal season and many more to come!

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