A Campus Wonderland

Hello All!

I hope your winter term has been fantastic so far! We are nearing the middle of the term and the snow has not fallen as much as last year but it still is just as beautiful when the snow comes. Last week, we were fortunate enough to get a fresh dusting of light, powdery snow. A couple of friends and I went around taking pictures of the beautifully white winter wonderland and spotted some campus snowmen!

snow 5snow 3

The campus was beautifully covered with snow and everyone was out and about taking pictures, snowball fighting, and just taking a relaxful respite from schoolwork.


On another note, I just wanted to announce that the school officially has a Phillips Exeter Academy geofilter! Student Council’s Public Relations Committee has been working for many months to create an approved geofilter for snapchat, and finally got the approval on January 11, 2016! A big thanks to Brandon Liu for designing the school’s geofilter and for student council’s dedication to launch the long awaited school emblem!


I hope everyone enjoys the leftover snow and get ready for some more to come down!

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Hi! I am Bridgette a current upper (a.k.a junior) at Phillips Exeter Academy. I live in Amen hall on the South Side of campus with thirty other amazing girls. My favorite subjects are biology and math. I play the flute in chamber and symphonia orchestra and play volleyball and run track!