Boston and BosMUN

What a whirlwind of a weekend!  This past Saturday, many Exeter students enjoyed the fun atmosphere and games of Abbot Casino, Exeter’s only black-tie event open to all students.  Twenty of my fellow Exonians and I, who are part of Model UN, instead traveled to Boston to take part in Boston University’s Model UN Conference, BosMUN.  Leaving campus Friday afternoon, we were driven to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel and, after checking in, dove right into our first committee meeting of the conference.  At Model UN conferences, students are split into different committees of varying sizes and given different topics for which we must collectively find a solution.  Though Friday evening’s meeting was more of an introductory meeting rather than a productive one, we were still able to meet the other delegates in our respective committees, choose topics to discuss, and begin to brainstorm ideas.  My committee emulated the Paris Peace Conference of 1919 and tackled the challenges of war reparations, territorial redistribution, and the demilitarization of Germany post World War I.

Committee Room.JPG

After this meeting, a few of us from Exeter went to dinner at P.F. Chang’s and took time to get to know each other better.  On Saturday, we had three rounds of committee meetings and breaks.  One of the best parts of being on a committee is meeting and spending time with people from other schools and, in the case of this conference, other countries.  There was a girl in my committee from Holland, a few students from Ghana, and students from all over the United States.  The different viewpoints one hears are very interesting and give you an opportunity to learn a good deal.  Saturday evening, to make up for missing Abbot Casino, seven other girls and I went out to eat at Liquid Art House, a restaurant close to the hotel.  We wore the dresses we had originally purchased for Abbott Casino and had a fun evening.

Liquid Art House dinner.jpg

We all agreed that BosMUN had been a wonderful experience and should it take place on the same weekend as Abbot Casino again next year, we would still choose to attend the conference.  On Sunday, after a final meeting, those of us from Exeter attended the Closing Ceremonies all together.  Many of our students won individual awards and as the “delegation from Phillips Exeter,” we won the Outstanding Small Delegation award!  We traveled back to Exeter ready to continue tackling the world’s issues using what we had learned about public speaking and compromise.





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Hello! My name is Marie Leighton and I am a member of Exeter's Class of 2018. It is my third year at PEA and while I am far from my home in North Carolina, my wonderful dorm of Hoyt Hall has become my second home. I enjoy spending time with my classmates and friends in clubs such as Model UN, Business Club, and ESSO American Sign Language, and with my teammates on the rowing team. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at

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