Why I Chose Exeter

One of my driving decisions to attend Exeter was the sports. I play many sports including Varsity Volleyball, JV Soccer, and JV Basketball. I love the feeling of competition and the strive to become a better athlete. The Academy has a long history of successful seasons.12244686_836265763138053_8535953735163307535_o.jpg This is due to the excellent coaching staff as well as the motivated players. The volleyball coach here – Coach Shang – is hands down the best coach I’be ever had. What amazes me is how he knows what exactly to do to get us to understand. He analyzes every player and breaks down the objective for them, making sure they understand what to do exactly. Within a week my volleyball skill has skyrocketed. Let’s not forget about the athletic trainers. The trainers here are amazing. They cater to specific sports and are experts in their fields. They are very accessible and easy to talk to. You can tell your safety is their number one priority. Mr. Hamel is my usual trainer, as he deals specifically with basketball and volleyball. I stop by quite often to ice and he’s always there if I have any questions or if I want to chat. Last but not least, my teammates. On and off the courts, it’s great being with these guys. On the volleyball court we are fierce competitors, protecting our New England Champions Title. In practice I’m always cheered up when I make a mistake by our seniors. They notice I beat myself, and tell me to not worry about and just do better next time. Off the court we just chill at the dining hall or our dorms. Even if I need help on my homework, someone on the team’s got me. Coming from a sport-oriented schools; great coaches, trainers, and teammates, this is why I chose Exeter.  524243_10205416599267496_8399597361949447801_n.jpg

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