Why I Chose Exeter: Clubs and Events

This time, a year ago, I found out I had been accepted to Exeter and was overjoyed. I rushed out of theatre practice to call my mom and tell her. I knew immediately that I’d be going to Exeter- it had everything I wanted. The attributes I loved the most about Exeter was that it had over 100 clubs to chose from, weekly events, great speakers, theatre during the sports block, and had a large student body. I participate in DRAMAT, Student Council, Republican Club, Gender Sexuality Alliance, Muggles in Denial, Baking Club, Upcycling, Theatre Games with Kids, and Quidditch with Kids. I would participate in even more if there were enough hours in the day. I started with about 20 clubs and whittled it down- I wanted to try Yoga Club and Culinary Club but eventually found out that you just can’t do everything.

Taylor - WICE

Attending a Jeb Bush event with Republican Club

The amazing thing about Exeter is that it has everything! Even if I couldn’t do 20 clubs- any club I could imagine, I could participate in. DORSAL, the marine biology club, or The Exonian, the student newspaper, is available for me to participate in. Because Exeter has such a large student body, PEA can hold lots of events to entertain the student body. Exeter has lots of fun themed dances, forums on various topics, and themed events. Some of the most enjoyable things I’ve attended have been a Free Speech forum, Winter Formal, and the Gingerbread House Making Contest. There’s something fun going on almost every Friday or Saturday Night!

Taylor - WICE 2

Attending Winter Formal with friends

Taylor - WICE 3

Winning First Place at the Gingerbread House Making contest

I’ve looked forward to the assembly speakers, we’ve heard a NASA engineer, a Harvard professor talk about the Middle East, a woman who hiked the Appalachian Trail in record time, a cancer researcher, and a New York Times food critic and op-ed writer, among many others. Assemblies are held twice a week and are usually amazing. The different stories we get to hear and people with different viewpoints are always intriguing. The assembly speakers always have an open lunch with the student body, inviting students to ask questions. I’ve gone before, and they’re quite fun!

I’m very glad I chose Exeter – it’s been right for me. It’s given me the opportunities to do the things I want and participate in the activities that I love.

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