Why I Chose Exeter: Dorm Life

Prior to my arrival at Exeter, I had zero experience living away from my parents. I couldn’t even imagine sleeping in a bed other than my own. As I received my acceptance last year, this thought thrust itself to the forefront of my concerns at the time. I learned that I would live in one of the boys dorms on campus, and I would spend my entire time at Exeter in the dorm I was placed in. I started thinking, who would I live with and what would they be like?

I got into contact with some local alumni, and I asked them about their experiences in their respective dorms during their time at Exeter. Their eyes lit up as they reminisced about “dorm pride” and the interesting people they encountered from all over the world in the buildings they had the privilege to live in. I knew I could never attain this type of experience at any other place, let alone at my local high school. There were still concerns, however, as to how I would fit into the dorm as an incoming lower (Exeter lingo for 10th grader).

As I revisited the school during Experience Exeter, I shadowed a new lower throughout a normal Exeter day in the middle of spring term. He lived in Soule Hall, a tight-knit dorm on the north side of campus. He spent some of his free periods in the dorm that day, and he introduced me to some of his dorm mates. I hadn’t even enrolled in the school, and they were already joking with me and engaging in conversation as if I was one of their own. They high-fived me throughout as I saw them along the path with my guide, and I felt completely at home.

Soule Hall

A year later, I find myself in Soule Hall with the same group of guys that I encountered on my shadow day. I couldn’t be happier partaking in our dorm soccer rivalry with Abbot Hall, among other spirited dorm activities. You can easily identify us on campus by our chants of “SOULE HALL” as we see one another on the path. I love my dorm, and the people who I’ve grown to know in my building will be some of my closest friends that I will know throughout my time here. I couldn’t imagine myself anywhere else.

Conor - dorm

Congratulations on your acceptance and you can reach me at chunt@exeter.edu for any questions about the school and its residential life.



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