Why I Chose Exeter: Extracurriculars and Weekend Activities

Now, sleeping in and studying all day can be fun for some, but as the saying goes, “Work hard, play hard.” I’ve had some of the most fun and rewarding times bonding with friends over the weekends.

Andrew - WICE 2

As soon as my Friday classes end at 6pm, I rush over to d-hall to eat dinner with LCC (Latin Conversation Club). Afterwards, we commute to the Academy Building to play a round of certamen, or Latin quiz bowl. It might sound nerdy, might (definitely) be nerdy, but don’t knock it till you try it! For well over an hour we in Latin club sit round a Harkness table, hyper buzzing, laughing at ridiculous guesses, shouting across the room, and having a really good end to the week.

Typically, my weekend mornings have been spent relaxing; I’ll sleep in and grab a bite to eat at a cafe with dorm buddies. In the afternoons, I might get a homework assignment or two out of the way, and sometimes, if any other friends are up to it, head over to the Saturday mall excursion for dinner and a movie.

There might also be activities both on and off campus. Regularly, dances and other events are hosted in Grainger Auditorium. And if you’re in a varsity level sport, you’ll be waking up bright and early to board a bus and head over to games. And the same goes with clubs! Personally, I went with Latin club to compete at Yale in a certamen tournament (that’s right), with Mock Trial to the state tournament, and with Korean American Society to visit HMart! And let me tell you: you’ve never seen a sunrise as beautiful as Exeter’s.

Andrew - WICE

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About Andrew Hong

Hey guys! My name is Andrew, and I’m a new lower (10th grade) this year in Soule Hall! I’m Korean-American, born in NYC and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year, I was introduced to crew and squash for the first time; this spring, I’ll be playing tennis. My favorite classes here have been Latin and chemistry. And after the school day ends, I try to take part in as many clubs as possible, such as Student Council, Mock Trial, and ESSO Middle School Mentors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at ahong@exeter.edu!

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