Why I Chose Exeter: The International Presence

Ok, I know the title says “The International Presence,” but that’s not the only reason why I chose Exeter. All the other bloggers picked up on key factors that should be taken into consideration, but the international community for me is a big factor of my decision. I’ll explain:

I’ve had a very international background. I was raised in London until the age of eleven. I then moved to Spain to master Spanish, and at thirteen I went to Switzerland to speak French. These experiences not only enabled me to understand a language, but to understand and connect with different cultures. When I got the acceptance letter to Exeter, I was over the moon. But, in the back of my mind, I knew that if I decided to attend, there would have to be an international presence so that I could continue my interactions with people who have different views than my own.


Despite my worries, I decided to visit Exeter on the Student Orientation Day. To my surprise, my tour guide also had an international upbringing; he lives in the U.S, but also grew up in Spain. For lunch, we sat next to a girl from Norway and met another student from the Czech Republic.

Students here really come from around the globe. Talking to others who have completely different upbringings; whether it be religious, cultural, or financial, all have one thing in common. We all go to Exeter. This one factor binds us and creates a unique learning environment.

If you decide to come to PEA, it’s important to take into account that you’re not only entering a school, but a community.

Contact me at arenaud@exeter.edu if you have any questions.

All the best!


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