Why I Chose Exeter

Hello all and welcome to Exeter!

First of all, I just wanted to say a big CONGRATULATIONS to all of you on your acceptance to Exeter. Without a doubt, all of you are amongst the brightest and most passionate students out there, which is something you should be very proud of for having accomplished so much already. To help you out on your decisions, I would personally like to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why I chose Exeter. My name is Bridgette Han and I am a current lower (tenth grader) in Amen Hall. I know that all of you must be so excited to be a part of the Exeter community and experience what it is like to be a student here. Along with that, there must be many unanswered questions you must have about daily life. As you know, Exeter is an amazing school that offers many different courses and extracurricular activities, all of which were heavy influencers on my decision to choose Exeter. One of them being the music program.

When I arrived to campus after being accepted in early spring for Experience Exeter, it was pretty much decided that I would not continue studying flute throughout my high school career. On my day of shadowing classes, I was handed off to another student in the middle of the day to visit two of his classes, one of them was inside the music building. He was an avid violin player and was showing me around the performance space where the chamber orchestra was practicing. I remember standing there, watching the three flutists playing and laughing in the back of the room– they seemed to truly enjoy spending time practicing, but also spending time with each other.

When I came to Exeter that following September, I immediately auditioned for an orchestra and signed up for private lessons. Even now, I am still a participant in the music groups. Music has been a big part of my life, but coming to Exeter was what made me recommence my continuation of music. Of course, there were other aspects that also intrigued me about life at Exeter: like the different science electives and the clubs that exist, but music has been one of the biggest time commitments I have had at Exeter thus far. If not for that one day of shadowing at Exeter, orchestra is something in which I definitely would not have persisted. Although not initially the main reason I came to Exeter, music was an aspect that interested me in my final decision to try again.

I know that in this post, I mainly focus on my experience of rejoining orchestra as a flutist, but as I briefly mentioned above, there were many other academic and social influences that ultimately aided my decision. If you have any questions about music or anything else about student life, feel free to email me or leave a comment below and I will make sure to get back to you! Again, congratulations to all of you, and get excited!

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About Bridgette Han

Hi! I am Bridgette a current upper (a.k.a junior) at Phillips Exeter Academy. I live in Amen hall on the South Side of campus with thirty other amazing girls. My favorite subjects are biology and math. I play the flute in chamber and symphonia orchestra and play volleyball and run track!

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