First Exeter Night Talkshow

Hey guys! The weather here has been pretty odd lately – 70s and then snowing.  Last week was packed with fun events like Experience Exeter, WPEA (Phillips Exeter’s radio station), volleyball, and my film club. Experience Exeter was awesome. I hosted a guy named John from Texas, just like me. It was great; I got to show him around and we had a good time. It was nice seeing all the prospective students wondering around campus, getting a feel for Exeter. It’s and exciting time for WPEA as well. The radio station here has gone live again for another term of Rampant Radio. I’ve been working on recording promos for the show hosts. Making a little blurb to promote each host’s show.

Ori - WPEA

The volleyball team has also been on a roll – we are currently undefeated. I’ve been working on my hitting, while the team is trucking forward. We have a game against Andover this Wednesday – exciting! My film club has started to work on a project called “Red.” It’s a BuzzFeed-esque video segment for Exonians. Lastly, I believe I’ve become the first night talk show host here at Exeter. “The Weekly Knight Night Show with Matisse” seems to be a hit with my peers here at Exeter. “Knight” refers to the name of the house I live in. A pretty random and odd idea I came up with a few weeks ago has now blossomed into a fun, weekly commitment.



Busy, busy, busy here at Exeter. Can’t help it though, I love what I do. Everyone can find their niche here at Exeter, and I have found many.

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