Beat the Smurfs! (round 1)

Hi all,

So yes, it’s that lovely time again when all I do is spend parts of my day in the volleyball courts… only this time, as a manager. On April 13, the boys volleyball team played against our undefeated rival school in a 3 set match at the Love Gym. This was the third game of the season, as the boys had already traveled to NMH, and played against Dover High School and Choate, defeating all three schools in three short sets. As a team, Coach Shang has been training the new players to work cohesively with the returners. We have had some amazing hits and passes that have hit the other team’s floor untouched. Hoping to keep the undefeated streak and defend their title of “NEPSAC Champion” (like the girls’ back-to-back win), the boys have been working hard to play an aggressive and strategic offense as much as they can.


This year, the boys will play ten games throughout their entire season, the next two weeks hosted at our home court. Also, at the end of the season, the NEPSAC Championship game will be hosted at Exeter and the team will do everything to be on court, playing at their home – hopefully, for another win. You can find the game dates and times on the website : so make sure to come out and support the volleyball team (as well as all the other teams), and stop by to watch some killer serves and hits by our outstanding front row players, and amazing passes from the back row players! I promise you won’t regret coming to stand on the benches holding up a finger for the final point.

Click on the that precedes events for game highlights. DATE: TIME: OPPONENT: LOCATION: SCORE: 04/02/16: 1:00: Northfield Mount Hermon School : Away


See you there!


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Hi! I am Bridgette a current upper (a.k.a junior) at Phillips Exeter Academy. I live in Amen hall on the South Side of campus with thirty other amazing girls. My favorite subjects are biology and math. I play the flute in chamber and symphonia orchestra and play volleyball and run track!

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