Courses and Kills

Hey guys! It was a lot of fun hosting some of you at Experience Exeter, and I really can’t wait to see all the new faces on campus next school year!

Now, if you happen to be one of the new students, you’ve probably just turned in your course choices for next year. You probably read through the course booklet religiously, and made decisions for your first fall term classes.

Personally, I turned in my own choices a few days ago. In addition to English (ENG410) and math (MAT431), I’ll be electing Latin (LAT511), Biology (BIO510), and United States History (HIS410). One other thing I’ve been interested in is Genetics (BIO490), and I hope to audit it in the coming fall.

Chances are, you’ll love your classes, but don’t forgot: if you happen to have a change of heart or see some courses that you just have to take, don’t fret tot all with your advisor or Mr. Chan, the scheduler!

On a much lighter note: campus has been full of kids dropping their backpacks and running as far as their legs will carry them. In other words, Exeter’s been playing a lot of Survivor (more commonly known as Assassin). Preps, Lowers, Uppers, and Seniors have been fighting for survival within their grade levels, learning how to stealth around and “betraying” their best friends for kills. I had a lot of fun, getting the most kills on the first day (a full four), but died on the third when a pair of brothers (twins) plotted to kill me.

IMG_2498 copy.png

Upper Declan Saviano is in denial after Sara Michaels kills him

Have a good spring term, and feel free to ask me any questions about my course choices or course selections in general down in the comments or at!

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About Andrew Hong

Hey guys! My name is Andrew, and I’m a new lower (10th grade) this year in Soule Hall! I’m Korean-American, born in NYC and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This year, I was introduced to crew and squash for the first time; this spring, I’ll be playing tennis. My favorite classes here have been Latin and chemistry. And after the school day ends, I try to take part in as many clubs as possible, such as Student Council, Mock Trial, and ESSO Middle School Mentors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at!

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