JV Softball

Hey guys!

Recently here in Exeter, we’ve been having some amazing weather which has made playing softball so much better. I play for the JV softball team here at Exeter and I’ve had so much fun with the team so far this season. I was in Prep Program, which is basically a freshman gym class that is much more fun and more intense, during the fall and winter terms, so this is my first team and first competitive sport here at Exeter.

The JV team didn’t make cuts this year, so we have 17 people, which is pretty big for a softball team. The girls on the team are some of the funniest people I’ve ever met and practice is one of my favorite parts of every day. We practice four days a week (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday) and we have games on Wed. and Sat. We also do special workouts twice a week with the strength and conditioning coach, Coach Barboza, and do strength and conditioning or speed training.

The team is super close and it’s so nice to have teammates who are so supportive and really like taking care of each other. On Saturday of last week, one of our catchers brought us all brownies because we won our first game a few days before. We’ve also had brownie-cookie-muffin combos brought to practice to celebrate a birthday as well. We have so many inside jokes and we always try to hang out, even if it’s only some of us which I think just makes us even closer, both on and off the field. This team is so kind to one another and we’re kind of like our own little family which is awesome, especially as we get to cheer each other on throughout the rest of our season.

Ingrid Softball 1

I’m so glad to be playing both for the school and on this team because it’s been one of my favorite experiences so far this year. I highly recommend trying out for a sport here at Exeter, no matter what level you are. There are girls on my team who have played for years and some who had never played until this year and the same goes for other sports teams on campus. There’s something really special about having teammates and it’s something that I think helps make Exeter such an amazing community. Sports teams help mix people from different dorms, countries, grades and helps bring together some really interesting and fun people.

Ingrid Softball 2

Also, the Preps have been playing Elimination (a.k.a. Survivor or Assassin) this week, which has made for some really crazy stories, and a lot of running around campus in a panic. Unfortunately, I was eliminated on day 1 but I think it’s even more fun now to try and save people or help others eliminate their targets.

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About ibergill

Hi everyone! I'm Ingrid and I'm a tenth grader from right here in Exeter, NH. I'm a day student here at Phillips Exeter Academy. I take Latin currently, which is one of out classical languages and I'm hoping to take Greek, our other classical language, my senior year. I love going into town with my friends on Wednesday afternoons or weekends and getting food from Stillwells, the local ice cream place on the river or Me & Ollies, my favorite sandwich shop/ bakery that has the best smoothies you'll ever taste.

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