Spring is here… finally!

Is it the end of the school year already? Where is the beautiful sunlight and clear skies then? Oh there they are, 2 months late. Spring has finally arrived here at Exeter. It’s been hiding beneath the heavy rainfall, and concealing itself from the alums who just had their reunions. It was very rainy last week, but the sun is starting to peek through. The season brings newly budding trees and short-sleeved shirts.People are starting to go outside again, even though it’s a bit later than we are used to in the school year.


Beautiful Sunsets!

More people are riding their bikes and there’s a SpikeBall™ tournament going on now. Which is a game where you basically hit a ball into a net, and the other team has to catch it before it hits the ground. More frisbees are hitting trees and poles while the person who threw is blaming the delicate breeze. Exeter is heading towards my type of weather: Texan. In the south, cold is 60 and it’s not hot until it hits 100. Exeter is starting to cozy up as the spring season hops from out under the rock that was being pounded by rain. Oh Exeter, why must you hide your beauty for so long? Oh, and the volleyball team is killing it, 7-1 season record. New England Championship here we come!

Ori - Volleyball

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About Ori

Hey guys, I'm Ori from Texas I'm a new lower at Exeter and I live in Knight House. I love sports, music, and most of all making films. Email me at omevans@exeter.edu if you have any questions. Just know, movies are my life.

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