Tea Season!

Spring term is finally here, and so are teas! Most dorms host these teas during this time of year, offering students a time to get dressed up and do fancy things. Both boys and girls dorms hold these events, and members of the host dorm can invite any other student. Since the snow is gone and the sun is out, outdoor lawn games like horseshoe and spike ball are played. A major plus to these events is the food. Most dorms go all out with cheese plates, chocolate fountains, sparkling cider, and pastries.

Teas also give students another chance to get to know more people, especially those of the opposite gender. Teas are social events, and are definitely treated as such. I was able to meet a variety of new interesting people through the numerous ice-breaker games held at each tea.

Coming from Arizona, this was definitely a treat to dress up in a blazer and take pictures. Showing everyone from home how fancy I’ve been acting this term has been quite entertaining.

Conor - Tea 1

This school is a prep school after all, and it can be fun to act the part.

My dorm Soule Hall, hosted our own tea last weekend at a dorm-mate’s house. We added our own twist to our event, making it a pool party of sorts-establishing our dress code as blazer+swim trunks or dress with a swim suit underneath. Overall, it all made for a pretty lively occasion as you can tell from the pictures.

Conor - Soule Soirée 1

Conor - Soule Soirée 2

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